26 08, 2015

If The Lord Were To Judge A Nation, Would He Tell Them In Advance?

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This is the audio from a sermon interview that my good friend Michael Rowntree and I did “podcast style” in front of his church, Wellspring Church in North Richland Hills, Texas, this past Sunday.

I believe this is a critical time for our nation, and this word is critical in its timing and importance. As God’s people, we must rise up and let Him hear our cries. America has never faced an hour like this, and I believe everyone needs […]

20 08, 2015

Week 8: Acts 21-23

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Week 8: Acts 21-23

Things are going to begin to get difficult for Paul from here on out, but some of the most amazing things will also happen to him. You’ll want to follow along to find out!
In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

Luke begins Acts 21 with some interesting details: sailing courses – travel begins to get more difficult for Paul and crew
Philip’s house must have been a hotbed for prophetic activity
We meet Agabus again – with a negative prophetic word
Paul […]

10 08, 2015

Week 7: Acts 18-20

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Week 7: Acts 18-20

Acts 18-20 cover some of the most fruitful time in Paul’s ministry during the book of Acts. There is so much good stuff to learn from this week, so I hope you’ll dig into the Word of God with me!
In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

We get the phrase “tentmaker” from Acts 18
We discover that Paul is bi-vocational to some extent
Devoted himself full-time to preaching when help arrived
Paul shook the dust off his clothes in protest as Jesus […]

3 08, 2015

Week 6: Acts 15-17

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Week 6: Acts 15-17

Acts 15 begins with controversy. Paul and Barnabas find all their work from their missionary journey under scrutiny for its validity because men from Judea say that Gentiles must be circumcised to be Christians. This leads to the Council of Jerusalem and the greatest change and blessing in world history, especially if you’re a Gentile!
In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

The controversy over circumcision (following the Law)
It’s okay to disagree (in the right spirit)
The meeting that changed everything: […]

27 07, 2015

Week 5: Acts 12-14

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Week 5: Acts 12-14

We now begin to follow Paul on his first missionary journey and discover just how true it was when God said to Paul he would suffer for His name. Find out why this week in the 10 Week Bible Study Podcast!
In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

James’ death: a reminder of Jesus’ words in John 15
Peter’s arrest and strangely large guard
Peter’s release from prison: completely different from James
Herod’s strange death
Mark’s introduction
Teachers and prophets
Barnabas’ and Saul’s first missionary journey
Cyprus: Barnabas’ […]

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