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Is God Good?

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At the intersection of God’s sovereignty and His grace lies a challenging area for many Christians. His goodness.

More and more people these days are walking away from God because they cannot reconcile that intersection in their mind and heart. Why is it so challenging? Why is it hard to believe in God’s goodness while understanding He has the right to judge and the mercy to forgive?

We see horrible things all around us. Americans are masters of entertaining themselves into a drunken stupor to forget the horrible things that lie right outside our doors. Fear, shame, guilt and regret crouch at everyone’s door, waiting to pounce at the first sign of free mental energy. So we put off the inevitable encounter.

God is Good

Overview of My Next Book, "God Is Good"

This is the synopsis of the next book I’ll be working on in 2013. I was praying some months back and I felt like the Lord told me that I needed to write about His goodness. I’ve seen far too many people fall away from the faith because they struggle with this concept. It’s time we address God’s goodness in a new way: one where we experience God’s goodness for ourselves.

The American Church Is Failing

Through the years I’ve met a lot of Christians who really struggle with the concept that God is good. They have a hard time reconciling the reality of life they see around them and what they’ve experienced and the notion of a good God. I blame, in part, the teaching that God is loving and waiting for us to accept His Son apart from the reality of impending judgment. Unless there is a full understanding of the consequences of this life, the gospel isn’t good news, it’s just news.