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Hillary as President? My Dream from 2011

The Lord doesn’t speak to me all that often, but when you add up the years I’ve been listening and that the Lord has been speaking, I have quite a diary of dreams and words from the Lord. Some of those things have already happened. Some very dramatically. Other things I feel like the Lord showed me for a time yet to come.

One of the things that I try to do when I feel really stirred by a dream or other encounter is to tell those closest to me about them so I have someone who can give an account if I ever need it. What I have learned is that is basically useless in most people’s eyes. I have been asked too many times to count why I didn’t tell anyone about my 9/11 and One World Trade Center dreams before I published my book about them in 2013. When I tell them I’ve told tons of people, their response is generally still angst and indifference.

What I’ve learned is that people are bent toward disbelief. It really doesn’t matter whether I had written a book about my 9/11 and WTC1 dreams the day after they happened, most people would have picked them apart and thrown them out for some technicality. That means that most of the time I wait to share things until I have a level of certainty I believe will be helpful to the largest number of non-cynical people. I can’t stop the cynics, but I generally wait to let those kinds of things leak out past my “inner circle.” (mainly my wife)

With that said, I’m going to do something I rarely do and share something well before it has been established in real life. This is risky for me, but I encourage healthy risk taking when it involves leaning on the Lord. Why it’s risky is because if what I say doesn’t happen the way I think it will, you will write me off as a false prophet even though I have never claimed to be a prophet. In fact, I consider myself a normal believer who has chosen to walk in the path the Apostle Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 14; that all believers should eagerly seek to prophesy.

Enough Already! What’s the Dream?

In July of 2011 I had a dream where my wife and I were invited to a wedding and a reception. They were very fancy, but I didn’t know who they were for. I happened to be dressed in working man’s clothes instead of wedding attire, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone and I never felt out of place for it. When I arrived, I realized the wedding was for Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were renewing their vows.

At the time, I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but shortly afterward I felt like it meant a renewing of their vows to America, as in reclaiming their spot in the White House. From 2011 until just a few months ago I thought this was laughably impossible, but when the Lord speaks I’ve found it better just to listen and believe (I’m also given to unbelief and skepticism myself).

What makes me feel like this message is for now is that I have recently been renovating a house for my family to move into, which I have done most of the work myself. Instead of being a desk jockey churching out works on a keyboard, most of my time lately has been spent working on plumbing, electrical, painting, flooring, hammering and every other manual task it takes to build a house.

I believe the Lord showed me the timing for when the Clintons would renew their vows, and it happened to be a time when I was a manual laborer (which I definitely wasn’t in 2011). That time is now.

Decisions in the Throne Room

I believe the decision for our next president has already been made by the One who truly decides these things. The Lord didn’t show me anything more than this, but I think it is important to set our minds right as we move into this next season.

This is an hour where we need to be asking the Lord to speak to our leaders. As our system grows more and more corrupt, we need the Lord to break in with power in the halls of power in our nation. Instead of demonizing a candidate we don’t like (or both of them), we need to be seeking the Lord to guide and direct our leaders.

I am at least a little hopeful that the Lord can get through to someone like Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton had an open line with a prophet from the 90’s who would regularly tell him what was said in top secret meetings. I know that he wasn’t always inclined to heed those words and warnings, like when the prophet told him to have nothing to do with the young, dark-haired girl who was about to show up in the capitol, but I know it gave him a healthy fear of the Lord to know that He could see and hear everything that went on behind closed doors.

What Then Shall We Do?

I pray that the Lord would have even more of an open door as the Clintons likely renew their vows with America.

I’m not suggesting that you vote for Hillary, nor do I suggest you vote down a party line. I would only ever recommend that you vote your conscience, because that is the only thing I believe we will answer to the Lord for. I am only saying that I believe the Lord showed me Hillary is going to win. I don’t even think the Lord showed me she will be responsive to Him, but that it was implied in my dream that we need to pray that she will be.

When Hillary takes her oath of office in January, let’s join together to pray for her. Let’s pray the Lord gives her humility. Let’s pray the Lord would speak to her and that she would listen to the prophets He sends her way. Let’s pray that the Lord would send many of them. And let’s pray the Lord gives us better than what our nation deserves in this hour.

Saving America

How To Lose An Argument: How To Lose A Church

How To Lose An Argument

They say as soon as you invoke Hitler, you have immediately lost an argument, so I will go ahead and concede this argument from the beginning. Now, to invoke Hitler for those of you still interested in reading:

My son has been devouring a book series called “I Survived the…” It includes titles like I Survived the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, I Survived Pompeii and I Survived The Holocaust. As he was reading about the horrors of Nazi Germany and Hitler himself, my son asked me, “Daddy, why did the Germans choose Hitler to lead them?”

As I thought about my answer for a moment, something hit me. There was a lot going on both on the surface and unseen in Germany before WWII. It all led to a tragic ethnic cleansing by man and a similar cleansing by Jesus Himself.

Promises In Exchange For Power

I told my son that because of the anger and resentment toward Germany for The Great War (WWI), Europe had chosen to punish Germany which had led them to a state of desperate poverty. I told him that Hitler promised the German people a path to prosperity and power again, and the populous was willing to accept him because of the promises he made. I told him that not only did Hitler promise prosperity, he was able to deliver it.

One of the things that Hitler used to lay hold of his peoples’ hearts was to create a scapegoat in the Jews. They were predominately wealthier than the average German and they were foreigners (as in, not German, even though some had been in Germany for centuries). I told him that blaming our problems on others makes it easier for us to overlook our own faults. It worked well for Hitler because he was able to tap into a demonic anti-Semitism that already existed in Europe for centuries and tie it to German prosperity.

What Hitler found was a place to make economic promises devoid of any moral foundation.

Calm Down, I’m Not Calling Anyone Hitler

As with every geopolitical movement, it is certainly more complicated than that, but if you were to boil it all down, my answer to my son is pretty close to reality. Hitler returned the Germans to great prosperity very quickly. With it came one of the most vile, heinous wrongs the world has ever seen. Six million Jews were murdered so that Germans could confiscate their stuff.

Before you completely tune me out, I am not calling Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton Hitler. Not at all. What I will say is that the American people have long been promised a better economy by presidential candidates and the populous eats it up hook, line and sinker. They very rarely are able to deliver on their promises, although some have been better than others.

What is chillingly changing in our current context is that in just the past few years we have seen a complete abandonment to morals by both parties. If candidates are able to promise voters prosperity with no moral or ethical entanglements, history tells us that trouble soon follows. I pray we are not there yet, but I can tell you we are racing there at NASCAR speeds, and the church world seems to be on board with it.

Jesus Kills Churches

In Revelation 2:4-5 Jesus confronts the church of Ephesus with these words:

Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first. Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.

We are told specifically in chapter one that “lampstand” stands for the church itself. Jesus was not so concerned with His own reputation among the surrounding peoples that He wouldn’t kill off a church that no longer reflected love for He and His Father.

Those who have written about Germany leading up to World War II tell a tragic story of pastors, both Catholic and Protestant, kissing Hitler’s ring for the sake of their own nationalism. Germany had become more important to these church leaders than the eternal kingdom they were to inherit had they opposed the Fuhror and potentially lost their lives.

I believe the Lord executed His Revelation 2:5 judgment against the German (and European) church after World War II. Once the war was over, it became clear that the church leaders had bowed down to Hitler beforehand, and had even helped him come to power. Because of their complicity with the Nazis, most Germans and Europeans (for their appeasement mentality) decided that the church no longer had any relevance or value to their lives because of the betrayal of  their own values.

The Lord took those lampstands away and now the European church is almost nonexistent as it once was.

How To Lose A Church

America is in a similar situation. I pray we do not give birth to a regime like the Nazis. I actually don’t believe that is a likely outcome of our situation, but I do fear for our national “lampstand” status. The church in a region doesn’t fail because people who once believe don’t anymore. Our lampstands are removed by Jesus Himself. They are removed because His church is no longer His, something He cares too much to allow.

To be sure, God is patient with us, but at some point once a church in a region show that they are more interested in things other than God He will take away their lampstand. That church normally dies a quick death, not because people killed it but because Jesus did. Germany and Europe chose other loves before WWII and Jesus killed it quickly off afterward.

Our Moment of Decision

Looking back at history this seems to happen regionally more than it does on an individual church basis. At least it is easier to see that way. Why are there so few viable churches in New England, the place where religious zealots came to find freedom? Was it because people became smart enough to realize they didn’t need God anymore or was it because Jesus Himself took away their lamps? Hint: people aren’t that smart.

As we approach this highly politicized season, I encourage you to spend more time praying for the church than for a candidate. Who we choose as president is an important decision but it pales in comparison to what truly hangs in the balance at this moment.

Great evil and great tragedy for the church stare us in the face right now if we don’t get our hearts into the right place. Is money worth throwing away our moral foundations? Is nationalistic relevance worth throwing away our churches? What do our decisions and speech now mean for a future that is just around the corner?

I beg you to prefer a bad economy and a thriving church over the alternatives that currently face us. Please don’t kiss the ring of those who can offer you nothing eternal.

Saving America

Erecting The Walls of Revival

walls of revival

Did you catch that in the title? Clever, huh?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “wells of revival,” but seldom do I hear about people talk about the walls that revival often build. In my last post here, I talked about swimming in different streams and how we desperately need to seek out different people with different experiences. The health of the church needs it.

One thing that inevitably happens when we stay in one stream too long is we begin thinking that God can only work where we are. I do and yes, you do too. You think that way. Don’t be too offended, because it’s natural. That’s where we begin to erect the walls of revival.

Tear Down This Wall

As we spend more time investing in one church, one denomination or one school of theological thought, we end up with more to lose if things don’t work out as we had hoped. No one likes to lose investments, so we protect them. In church, we begin to erect protective walls around us so that if God is going to move in our city, He can only do it through us. We won’t let anyone else in, and many times, we actively crusade to keep others out.

I have seen this first-hand on several occasions. People who at one time in their life who have labored in prayer for revival with passion. They have listened to all the right teachings, attended all the right prayer meetings and they have given their money to all the right ministries. They started out with great zeal, but as time went by they became disillusioned by the lack of revival that they prayed and labored for.

Some fall away, disenchanted with God’s apparent lack of concern for how much they want revival. They probably don’t leave the church entirely, but they lose any steam they once had for revival. Others keep believing that God will bring revival, and most often they are the ones with clear prophetic words that He will do it.

Prophetic Walls

Whether those prophetic words of revival are from God or not is irrelevant. Over time, they become real in those peoples’ minds. What is relevant, however, is what they choose to do with those prophecies. Are those prophetic words about revival in their city for the city or for them?

Many I have talked to can’t see the distinction, but it needs to become very clear to us if God is truly going to move among us. If we believe that God has spoken to us that revival will come to our city through us and us alone, we will be a danger and a hindrance to God actually moving through revival. We actually erect walls of revival when we believe this. It makes us defensive, bitter, mean-spirited and cold to what God may truly be doing through someone else.

I have personally seen people who have labored for years in prayer for revival work tirelessly to shut down other churches through lies, gossip and intimidation, just to keep them from being a possible outlet of revival they can’t control. I have seen church politics run amuck in an effort to control how and where the Lord can move.

Now I will admit that there may certainly be times that other churches and pastors should be confronted if they are teaching heresy that will lead others in a city away from Jesus, but I have rarely seen that. What I have witnessed is pastors and leaders trying to shut down other works to keep them from getting any of the credit from God’s prophesied revival.

Proper Revival

The problem is that more often than not in the Bible, those who labored for God’s move were never the ones to see it with their own eyes. Abraham longed for what he never saw. Moses never entered the promised land, he was only allowed to see it just before he died. David was rejected by God as the man to build the temple. Jeremiah had to witness the destruction of Jerusalem because no one would listen to him, but he prophesied about its rebuilding.

These men are some of the greatest human examples we have in scripture, but they did not inherit what they labored for. They have something else in common, though. They all knew that they weren’t going to inherit the promises they were given, but they continued to labor just as hard for them.

Abraham never lost faith, even though he was told his people wouldn’t inherit the land for over 400 years. Moses continued to lead the Israelites faithfully right up until the point of his death, even though God had promised him he would never enter the land. David was not deterred by God telling him he wouldn’t build the temple. Instead, David spent the rest of his life and wealth storing up all that would be needed to build it after he was dead. Jeremiah remained faithful in the midst of almost total rejection because he knew that even though they were under God’s discipline, the Lord loved Israel above all else.

Life Beyond Ourselves

What about you? Does revival have to come through you? If you have labored in prayer for God’s great move, must He use you for you to be satisfied? Or will you labor for revival even if you never see it or taste it? Is God worthy of you spending your life for something you may not get to enjoy?

Let’s become people who labor for revival even if it comes to a church or ministry across town who has never prayed one day for it. When God answers our prayers through someone else, let’s bless God and bless them. Instead of working against revival that doesn’t come through us, let’s ask God for it no matter who gets the credit.

When we choose to live like that, we stand on some very powerful shoulders.

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Who We Should Never Trust


“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

Matthew 10:16

This is a warning that Jesus gave to believers that, unfortunately, His followers have neglected to follow time and again. From long before Jesus’ day right up until today, we see people willfully neglect this all-too-important caution.

In every society, we have to coexist with a ruling class. No matter how the politics of any nation works, there will always be wealthy, politically savvy people who want to be in control. Sometimes they are born with those traits and sometimes they earn them, but it is always the wealthy who have power. In America, some are born with wealth and political power and others work hard for it, but they both share one thing in common:

They do not deserve our trust.

Learning Not To Trust

The moment someone involves themselves in political leadership, from the smallest city government to the highest offices in our nation, they must be viewed with an eye of skepticism. They can never prove their trustworthiness again. They have forever lost their credibility. But alas, so few people view politicians this way.

When there is little incentive to lie, people generally don’t do it. When something isn’t worth stealing, it rarely is. But when something has value, it is a prime target for thieves. Lies abound when they advance the agenda of those telling them. As soon as someone becomes a politician, or places themselves in the pocketbooks of them, they become untrustworthy, not because they themselves are proven thieves, but because so many before them have been unable to refrain from taking what wasn’t theirs or lying to get it.

Shrewd As Dinner

Christians fall into this trap way too often because they so badly want to believe the very thing that Jesus warned us about in Matthew 10. There are wolves out there, so we must be wise because those wolves love the taste of sheep. Christians convince themselves all the time that those wolves have switched sides and have become sheep like us.

Christians pray and pray for God to move and intervene in the affairs of politics and business, and when we gain the thoughtful and affectionate ear of a politician or wealthy business leader, we claim spiritual victory. We choose to believe lies because we want to believe them so badly. But there is a solution.

We must be shrewd as snakes—the very snakes who love to lie to us about things like being “pro-life” or having “family-values.” How many times have you seen those lies exposed compared to how often they live up to them?

We should keep praying for God to intervene. We should ask God to send us godly politicians and business leaders who follow Him with all their hearts, souls, mind and strength, but we should also choose to make those kinds of evaluations only with hindsight. Let’s wait to anoint God’s chosen politicians for after they retire from politics. (Hmm, why is it that so few Congressmen actually retire?)

Innocence In Failure

To be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves would be to just assume that politicians lie to us—always lie to us—but that we cannot lie to them. We will assume the worst of those who have the most to gain from us, but we will not act in kind. We will not repay evil for evil, lies for lies or theft for theft. We must remain innocent, but shrewd enough to never really trust a politician.

Christians have thrown their support and trust behind wolves in sheep’s clothing in the realm of politics, business and influence more times than anyone can count because they choose to disregard Jesus’ warning. Don’t get me wrong. I want abortion to end and I know we need politicians and financiers to help, but I will never be willing to trust them more than God’s ability to change things through prayer. He is the one who pulls the strings, not them, so no matter how much money and influence they have, my trust cannot be bought.

So, join with me. Choose not to be smitten by the words of politicians. Choose to view them as liars until a lifetime of truth changes your mind. Choose to assume that human nature (greed, lust, anger, etc.) has more of a hold on people than your good intentions for them do. But never lose your innocence. Don’t join in to try and change things. If you can’t change things by staying innocent, be content with failure. Your eternal success with far outweigh your temporary political and business failures. Trust me—and Jesus: hint, read Revelation 21:9-27 here.

For some examples of how this works:

The Gibeonite Deception: Joshua 9

Elisha “got it” in 2 Kings 3:9-14

“Tell that fox…” Luke 13:31-33

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The Great Falling Away: Is It Happening Now?

falling away

I’ve spent many years studying the end times, and interestingly enough, it has made me less likely to jump at conclusions about what is and isn’t a sign of the end times. Every volcano, earthquake and rumor of war doesn’t cause me to retreat into my prayer bunker stocked with a three year supply of nasty food.

No, one of the things that I am certain of is that when the “signs of the times” come, we will have data to back it up. In Matthew 24:5-14, Jesus tells us of the “beginning of birth pangs.” These are the signs that things are progressing toward His return, but just as Jesus says, not every war or earthquake is a sign. No, when we begin to see an “other than” set of events, like has never before happened in history, that is when we know the times are coming soon. One of those signs is the “great falling away.”


This will probably be the saddest hour in human history. Many will turn away from the faith. Satan will raise up false prophets to condone their turning away and the love of “most” will grow cold because of their increase in sin (Matthew 24:12). But how will this happen? What will cause many to turn away from faith in Jesus? That, I can’t answer, but I do know the mechanics of what it looks like. We are seeing it now.

I don’t know if we are at the beginning of the “great falling away,” but I do know that we are seeing the early stages of at least a “big falling away.” How do I know? I hear it more and more every day.

For the past year or two, I have heard an increasing number of people casually reject “sound doctrine” in favor of things that “tickle their ears.” Read what Paul told Timothy:

3For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

2 Timothy 4:3-4


What Paul isn’t talking about are secondary matters—things like when to pass the collection plate or what denomination is the right one. No, Paul is speaking about rejecting the sound doctrine of Jesus. What is that? Anything other than the gospel that Paul preached, according to him.

That gospel, that not only Paul preached, but every other apostle in scripture, is this: you are sinful and your sins separate you from God. You deserve punishment for your sin and rebellion against God, but Jesus has offered you reconciliation to God through the blood He shed on the cross. He has atoned for your sins, if you choose to accept Him. If you acknowledge Him, He will acknowledge you before God.

That’s my brief paraphrase, but let’s break it down. Here are the necessary parts of the equation: 1)You are sinful, 2) you deserve punishment, 3) Jesus shed His blood to atone for you, 4) accept and acknowledge Him and have eternal life with Him.

Turning Away from the Faith

If you take away any one of those pieces, you do not have faith in Jesus. You may have faith in something, but it is not faith in the One who has redeemed you to God (Revelation 5:9). But listen carefully today. Listen to the voices out there. There are a growing number of voices that are carefully removing one or more parts of this every day. Many are offended at the idea of sin, so they tell people that they aren’t all that bad.

Or maybe they are offended by punishment. They don’t like the idea that God would truly punish someone. After all, how bad could they be? Others still persist that Jesus’ blood isn’t to atone for your sins, but it was a simply a show of His affection for you. And others insist that one doesn’t need to acknowledge Jesus or the Christian God to inherit eternal life.

Some form of these rejections have always been around. The thing that is causing me great concern is for the overwhelming number of pastors, teachers and leaders within the church today who are becoming quite vocal about dismissing one or more of these aspects of our faith.

The Great Offense

The problem many have is that it is offensive to tell people that what they do is sin. Or offensive to say if they don’t serve the right God, they will spend eternity in hell. It is just too offensive to say that we deserve punishment. But if we don’t say and affirm those things, we are not in danger of falling down a slippery slope towards apostasy—no, we have already abandoned the faith when we do so.

That sounds very serious because it is. Right now, the cause celebre is to pronounce that homosexuality isn’t sin. Not only do we deny what God has already called sin, but we also deny those steeped in that sin the opportunity to come face to face with it and be reconciled to God. Remember, without an acknowledgment of sin, we cannot accept Jesus. If we choose for Him not to save us FROM anything, there is nothing for Him to save us TO.

Right now we are seeing a falling away. People every day are deciding who they think Jesus is and what He would think about things devoid of any ration or reason. They are justifying themselves by saying that “surely Jesus woudn’t do ____.” That isn’t a slippery slope, that’s a cliff.

Our Rock of Offense

That makes the stand we must take all the more difficult. It is offensive. It is hard. It will cost us, maybe dearly. But Jesus told us that those of us who “stand firm to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:13).

We must stand confident in Jesus, the “rock of offense,” (Isaiah 8:14, Romans 9:33 & 1 Peter 2:8) because His offense is the foundation of our faith. Unless we are offended by His assertion over our lives, we cannot then see our own sin and need for Him.