The news has never been good at telling good news. Good news doesn’t really sell. There is something within us that wants to see destruction, devastation and mayhem. Hollywood tries its hardest to fulfill that need that the news falls short in. Lord help us all if giant alien ocean monsters rise from the sea to destroy entire cities. What would the news media cover then?

Seriously though, we have heaped up for ourselves no end to bearers of bad news. I will leave it to the psychologists as to why we do that, but suffice to say it happens. We love bad news.

But that, in itself, is bad news.

If we become to familiar with seeing bad news, we stop longing for the solution. America was founded upon, and made great, by searching for solutions. We have lost our edge in this world because we aren’t looking for solutions like we once did. But this article isn’t about how to regain manufacturing or strengthen our economic fundamentals.

We need change now–the kind that will truly bring solutions. We need to turn back to God.

There are three key reasons we need to turn back to God.

1. We need His protection:

September 11th was just the beginning. Our government could not adequately protect us from that attack. I’m not operating as a doomsday prophet here, I’m just looking at history and drawing the conclusion that since no government has endured over time forever, there has never been a government that could adequately protect its populace.

There are coming greater calamities to our shores in the future, and I would much prefer to have my faith in God for protection than a group of infighting agents from disperate intelligence agencies vying for control of who knew what and when. We need real protection, and that only comes from the One who sees the end from the beginning.

2. We need His blessing:

We cannot fall prey to thinking that we have built this. When President Obama famously said, “You didn’t build that,” he was absolutely right. What he meant by that was that a stable government provided the means for which anything in our nation was built, but God had already pre-empted him.

When Moses was leading Israel into Canaan, he warned them that only God had given them “the power to produce wealth.” (Deuteronomy 8:18) It was not their own strength, their own intelligence or their cunning. It was God. We all have what we have because of God, and if we want to continue in prosperity (and bring it to our poor, something the harder we try at, the more we fail), we must return to the Lord. We must acknowledge that it is He who gives us the power to create wealth.

3. We need His guidance:

We cannot see beyond the end of our noses. There is no one who can predict the future. Read the fine print on your stock broker’s contract. It will say something like, “past performance is no indicator of future performance.” As much as we would like to think that we have things under control, the truth is that we are lost. We human beings are listlessly wandering through life with no plan, no vision and no direction. Without God’s leadership, we are hopelessly lost. Our politicians can no more keep their campaign promises two weeks after election than they can lead our nation forward in a positive path.

No, only God can guide us. If we seek to go our own way, as we have for quite some time now, He will allow us to wander into whatever trouble we can find. We are at the brink of wandering straight into destruction we may not be able to undo. We need God’s guidance, and we need it now.

Book Iso-small.pngJoin me in praying for God to turn this nation back to Himself.

I had two dreams about 9/11 and what would happen in the decade that was to follow back in 2001 and 2003. We are approaching the end of the time period in my dreams, and what God showed me was that America would hang in the balance right now. The days we are living in now are critical. Will we return to God for the reasons I’ve stated above, or will we slide further into darkness? My book, The Year of the Lord’s Favor, can help you understand more completely the seriousness of the hour we live in, and it can help you find language to pray this nation back to God.

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