The pro-life movement is gaining serious momentum these days in legislative actions, but is it gaining momentum in your city? If we make legislative gains without corresponding heart-changes on a local and national level, we will quickly lose any gains we have made.

I thought I would share a little mini-post today with some concrete steps to help you get involved in your community. Remember that hearts are not won with legislation. They are not won with marketing. They are won person to person, one at a time. We need to be engaged with people and ministries on a regular basis to change hearts.

So here’s how you can help…

1. Give Money to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

As a member of the board of directors for a local pregnancy resource center and adoption agency, I repeat the same line every time our board meets when we discuss money. “We need more.” When you realize that more money can equal more saved innocent lives, money matters! So call up and ask your local pregnancy center director how and where you can give. It’ll make their day.

2. Volunteer at a Pregnancy Center

This can be not only helpful, but very rewarding. Our local center has many opportunities from stuffing envelopes to mentoring young teen mothers. The more volunteers that are available to pregnancy centers, the less money they have to spend on staff. That means that they are free to spend more money reaching the people that need services and you get to be a part. Win-Win!

3. Pray

I mention this last, but it is certainly not least. Prayer is the most important thing we can do. Our money is limited. Our time is limited. Our God is not! He can multiply food, money, time and the ground we gain with peoples’ hearts. Pray that God would supply all the needs of your local pregnancy center and advance their ministry to grow and serve more. We serve a great big God who can, and will, respond to our prayers.

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