About Darren

Darren05-2452208790-ODarren Hibbs has worked in full-time ministry, the construction industry and as a writer he has published several books.

Darren has great passion for revival in America and longs to see the church embrace God’s correction so that we may receive the fullness of what He has to offer us.

Darren’s heart burns to bring a message of hope to a lost and broken world through the immeasurable love of Jesus. It is his heart that this message of God’s correction will be heard by the church and embraced so that the lost will see and hear the good news about Jesus as they see it change us.

You can follow Darren on Twitter @DarrenHibbs and on Facebook.

I am currently available to speak at your church or event. I love to speak on the following topics:

  • How can we navigate the tumultuous times in America as Christians?
  • The operation of the Holy Spirit in our lives
  • The value of the Word of God in our lives
  • Bible Study Weekend Intensives
  • How churches can be friends on a mission
  • How a church can grow in prophecy

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Darren’s Books:

Revelation Iso small          Acts Cover Iso Small  

Book Iso                 Book Iso SMALL               Iso Small



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