Acts Bible Study

Acts Bible Study Starting Next Week


Next week, and for every Monday for the next 29 weeks I’ll be posting my Acts Bible Study online. If you’d like to “attend” this exciting study, all you have to do is tune in every Monday and sound off in the comments to get a good discussion going. I’ll be responding to most, if not all, of your comments, and you’re welcome to respond to each others comments as well.

If you comment on 10 of the next 15 posts on Acts you’ll automatically be entered to WIN a FREE copy of my forthcoming book, Acts: A 10 Week Bible Study.

This is going to be an exciting study and I invite you to attend. I’ve spent a lot of time reading, studying and praying over Acts and I think this study will help you go deeper in your walk with the Lord. You can keep up by following on Twitter, Facebook or signing up on the email list on the right side of this page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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