A Diary of Dreams and Visions

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A Diary of Dreams and Visions

Do you believe God still speaks to us today? Do you long to hear from Him? I grew up believing God no longer spoke, but that changed when God actually started speaking to Him in dreams and visions that literally came true.

I wrote these stories down to encourage you. This is not a theological treatise on spiritual gifts or supernatural experiences, but simply a book of stories to strengthen your faith to ask for more of God. I began asking when I heard others peoples’ stories, and God answered in awesome ways. I pray that these stories will encourage you to ask the Lord to speak, move and act in your life like never before.

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[content_box title=”Ann” icon=”user” ]”If you are hungry to hear God more often, more clearly and in your own dreams and visions, this book will encourage and challenge you.”[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Vincent” icon=”user”]”This book is a fun and personal exploration of the ways God speaks to us and why He does. Its a fairly quick read and encourages us all to dive deeper into the person and relationship of our Lord.”[/content_box]
[content_box last=”yes” title=”Ketrich” icon=”user”]”This book carries a truth that stirs the heart to seek God for more than just existing in this world but seeking to be a part of God ordained plan for it.¬†Thanks Darren!”[/content_box]


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