Revelation Bible Study

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A Bible study can be intimidating for people for a number of reasons. Maybe you’ve never led one before or perhaps you feel like you don’t know the Bible well enough to participate in one.

The 10 Week Bible Study will change that for you.Whether you’re interested in leading a Bible study or just attending one, this dynamic new way at studying scripture will deepen your knowledge as it unlocks your heart.Revelation is our first title and we’re excited about it.

Darren Hibbs has spent years studying Revelation and the 10 Week Process was developed out of his personal study of the book. Studying in detail in addition to reading the book once a week has changed his life and it can change yours too!

10 Week Bible Study Distinctives

[content_box title=”10 Weeks” icon=”calendar”  link=””]Unlike McDonald’s, Bible studies have a shelf life. 10 Weeks is the maximum for most people before life takes them away with distractions..[/content_box]
[content_box title=”Repetition” icon=”bullhorn” link=””]The real key to truly learning anything. You’ll read an individual book of the Bible once a week for 10 weeks to get it in your head and heart.[/content_box]
[content_box last=”yes” title=”Commentary” icon=”user” link=””]No need to have lots of study helps to guide you through a book. The commentaries provided are intended to be a down-to-earth one-stop shop.[/content_box]

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