The Year of the Lord’s Favor

The Year of the Lord’s Favor

Why did God show me the World Trade Center’s collapse two days before it happened? To open my eyes to what God was doing; to what He is trying to say to us today.

That first time God spoke to me was on September 9, 2001. In March of 2003 God showed me the World Trade Center site again. This time I saw the building that would replace the twin towers. It was a beautiful, silvery-reflective glass building. I was there to work on it along with many other Christians. We were happy to rebuild our fallen tower “for God and country.” But it held a dark secret.

When we reached the top, Satan himself came forward. I realized that he had been in charge of the project the whole time. He was happy with us Christians doing so much of his hard work for him. God has a lot to say about where America is as a nation right now. What He has to say starts with you and me. Will we listen? Will we turn to God for answers our leaders have not been able to produce?

In The Year of the Lord’s Favor? I share what Christians must do right now to change the direction of America. God has a clear message about what is wrong with America and how to fix it and it may be different from what you think.

What People Are Saying

ScottMcKay“Darren Hibbs is a faithful witness. I believe his prophetic visions and corresponding teaching provide a clear road map of how Christians should respond to the impending discipline of God upon America. His book is both sobering and hopeful; convicting and constructive. May God give us grace to heed its warning. Thank you Darren for your faithfulness to speak the truth.”

Pastor Scott McKay
Willow Drive Baptist Church
Lake Jackson, Texas

Michael“Darren Hibbs strikes the balance America needs. I know Darren personally and have seen the way he interacts with “sinners.” He loves them deeply because he considers himself one of them. Unlike many supposed prophets, Darren’s message is not aimed at “those politicians” or “those homosexuals” or “those liberals.” Rather, he issues a clarion call to the church: it is time for us—for US!—to repent.”

Michael Rowntree
Senior Pastor | Wellspring Church
North Richland Hills, Texas


“This book takes readers down a path of vivid contemplations with deep implications on both a national and personal level. Hibbs asks the tough questions and gives solid answers. Your understanding of God’s judgment will be shaped in new ways. Christians in America and around the world need this message of hope.”

Steve Trevino
Pastor | CrossCentral Church & Recovery Center
Bryan, Texas

Brad“For many years Darren has been committed to the place of prayer and obedience to the Spirit. The scriptures tell us that God shares His secrets with His friends; Darren is one such friend of the Lord and so it makes sense that the Lord would share some of what He is thinking with him. This book brings a heavy but timely word for the Church as it confronts us with both God’s coming judgment and our own prayerlessness. The message is challenging but one we desperately need to hear.”

Brad Stroup
Director | of The Prayer Room Missions Base

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