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The Fear of the Lord


I’ve become alarmed recently at just how many churches in America have become “seeker friendly.” Whereas there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting your church services to be welcoming and inviting to non-believers (that’s a great objective, actually), I have seen more and more churches go down a dangerous road.

In our effort to reach out to non-Christians without worship services, there is an undeniable tension to water-down the message of the gospel, especially the more unpleasant parts of it. To be clear, the gospel is the “good news” about Jesus’ love and salvation for us, but it is impossible to understand the gospel without the larger context of our fallen state and our eternal destiny apart from Him. Those are the unpleasant parts of the message we must share as part of the gospel.

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Legalism vs Obedience


A recurring theme I have personally encountered, as well as one I have seen growing in our culture, is the naming of too many things as legalism.

We live in a day where name-calling has become the de-facto replacement for reasoned argument from our 5 year-olds all the way to academia and politics. The church has jumped on the bandwagon and has gotten into the habit of labeling almost everything as legalism these days. It is a name-calling tactic for which there is no reasoned response. Calling something legalistic illicits an emotional response in whomever hears it, and if you have had much of any church background you reject it almost instantaneously.

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Worshipping With The Angels

worship space

I don’t often share this kind of thing, but as I was worshipping today I felt like there might be someone who could use the encouragement. For years I’ve had my own little worship space. It’s taken the form of everything from a home recording studio to what you see here now: a few square feet carved out of my closet.

I’ve never found anything that keeps my heart as soft and open to the Lord than having my own personal worship time. When I sit down and play and sing I’m able to connect with God and share my heart with Him and He with me in ways that I haven’t experienced any other way. You might think that I do this because I’m a musician, but I can assure you I’m not.

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The Biology of Fasting

Fasting Graphic

[DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to be understood as scientific information. This is a very brief overview of what happens to your body when you fast. For full information, please consult your physician and your local Google.]

I’ve been fascinated for years about what happens to our bodies when we fast. God intended us to undergo the physical ramifications and changes that He built into us before time began when we fast, so I’ve been eager to understand what those are.

I’m not a biologist or doctor or scientician. I’m just a fascinated guy who has tried to educate myself as best I can through the years, so feel free to fact-check me and dispute anything I say here. I’d appreciate the correction.

Fasting takes on different forms at different times after we stop eating. Before we begin looking at what those changes are, let’s define what fasting technically is.

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What Fasting Is and Isn't

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Over the years I’ve encountered a surprising amount of resistance to the idea of fasting, but not for reasons I would have expected. I try to always gently encourage the idea of fasting. People quickly view you as legalistic if you come across as insisting on fasting as a lifestyle and I want people to know the joy of growing closer to God through this discipline without any hindrances. What surprises me, though, is what people want to consider fasting.

I’ve received lots of pushback and I’ve even been shouted at, by a physician of all people, over the definition of fasting. It’s shocking to me because fasting is a clearly defined discipline that hasn’t changed in thousands of years.

Here’s what I’m talking about: giving up Facebook or watching less television is not fasting. That sounds simple enough, but many many people take serious issue with that. It may not sound all that important to you, but it is very important. For sure, choosing to give up Facebook or television or any other perfectly valid thing is something good to do. Those things really matter to God, but they’re not fasting.