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My Dream About September 11, 2001 by Ann Hitchcock


AnnToday’s article is a guest post by Ann Hitchcock. I have known Ann for over a decade and she walks in a deep friendship with the Lord. I asked her to relay her story about her dream because we’re living in an hour where we need to hear from multiple sources that the Lord is calling out to us to stop and listen to Him. Ann and her husband, Jeremy, live on the West Coast with their three children.


For as long as I can remember I have been a prolific dreamer. My nights are filled with an average of at least one, but usually two to three dreams and sometimes more. Each dream is in full color and has a vivid movie like quality where the characters and plot usually linger with me long after I have awoken.

Because dreams were such a normal part of my nights, I assumed that my nocturnal experiences were commonplace and not worth mentioning unless I had a particularly frightening nightmare. I had no idea that people still believed God could and would talk to them in their dreams. The churches I grew up in taught that the prophetic, dreams and visions and other possibly uncomfortable to deal with supernatural gifts and events had passed away.

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Releasing The Prophetic Ministry


Paul said something earth-shifting in 1 Corinthians 14. But let’s back up a bit first.

For the entire history of the Bible, prophesying was a very special thing. Very few people did it (that we know of), and when they did, it seemed that most often people refused to listen. Prophecy was something reserved for the “apostles” of the Old Testament, if you will. They were often scorned, abused and martyred for speaking what God had told them. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 4:8-13 that this is the case for the apostles in his day.

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Responding to God's Warning


As I explain in my book, The Year of the Lord’s Favor, we as God’s people must humble our hearts and repent if we long for God to bless our nation. We are entering days when serious consequences will be levied against our nation unless the church rises up and takes its place to seek God in repentance and humility.

Call 2 Fall is an organization that is sponsoring just such an activity, and I suggest you encourage people to participate. When God’s people purpose to gather for unified prayer in such a way as this, God hears. Who knows, maybe an assembly all over America like this will be the catalyst for great change amongst God’s people.

Please visit the site and consider hosting, attending or encouraging others to participate in whatever way they can.

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The reference to King Cyrus of Persia is in Isaiah 44-45. It’s a fascinating read to think about God specifically naming a foreign king who would rule Israel 150 years before he was born!