In the coming weeks I’m going to be changing how I use this website. I’ll still be posting regularly, but I am going to start posting on selected topics more intentionally and on set days.

For starters, I’ll be leading an “online Bible study” once a week, most likely Mondays. No, there won’t be any sessions to attend or any materials to buy. I’ll be posting a commentary on once chapter a week of a book of the Bible, starting with Acts. These will be from my notes for my upcoming book, Acts: A 10 Week Bible study. To participate in the Bible study, simply interact in the comments section at the bottom of each new post.

Not only will interacting include you in the study, but your input will also help shape some of the questions and flow of the book that I will publish. As an added bonus, everyone who comments on at least 10 of the chapters will get their name entered in a drawing for a free copy of Acts: A 10 Week Bible Study. This will be starting soon, so if you want to participate, keep an eye on this blog to make sure you can be a part from the beginning. I think it’s going to be great!

Secondly, I’ve been asked to comment on how I see current events in light of the information I published in my book, The Year of the Lord’s Favor. I’ll be starting a regular, weekly dialogue on how I see things in regards to my book, mostly related to the church. The Lord gave me very specific information back in 2001 and 2003, but I am not claiming any critical revelation for today, so I mean it when I say I want to start a dialogue. Some of you may have a much better feel for some of the topics I’ll introduce, and I want to hear from you.

I’ll also continue to post random thoughts about the random things that you’ve come to know me for. I’m always fleshing out ideas here and I appreciate every comment I get.

I’m also hoping to begin including some guest posters on a semi-regular basis. I know several people whom I trust to have great things to share and I want to share them with you as often as I can.

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