Christmas Prize


Thanks for participating in the 2013 Christmas Prize. This year’s winner is Sarah Hibbs and she’s won 10 free coffee drinks from Starbucks with delivery! Congratulations Sarah!

Previous years’ prizes have included unused/unwanted electronics and lost and/or forgotten gift cards.

Restrictions on prize:

  • Must call 15-20 minutes before expected delivery of prize
  • Offer valid only at participating Starbucks, Mugwalls and Sweet Eugene’s locations within 5 miles of College Station, TX
  • In rare cases of courier unavailability, a rain check will be offered for a sit-down date with said courier at a future time
  • Offer void in Vermont, Hawaii & New Hampshire
  • In the case of loud, screaming kids at home, the offer can be extended past 10 free drinks if said courier is offered 15-20 minute  solitude to retrieve drinks
  • Offer ends 12/32/2013
  • Courier reserves the right to sample any delivery drinks that look extra yummy.
  • If hot coffee should burn you through an act of your own negligence, Christmas Prizes, Inc. will not be held liable for any damages, emotional or physical you may incur and we reserve the right to roll our eyes if said negligence causes property damage.
  • Courier reserves the right for a thank-you kiss with each delivery.
  • Merry Christmas. I love you.

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