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Does God want to bless us? Absolutely! But does that mean that if we follow God, our lives will be blessed? That depends on how you define “blessed.”

God blessed Job, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob materially. David and Solomon were two of the richest and most powerful rulers in world history. They understood that their wealth and power came from God and they thanked Him for it.

So when we focus on one kind of person in the Bible, we can grow accustomed to thinking that God blesses those He loves with material things. That’s actually most often how we defined blessed, by how much stuff we have.

Blessed while not “Blessed”

But what about Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Jesus and the apostles? They were all martyred. Most of them had nothing to their name. Were they blessed? Absolutely

The apostles were all martyred with the exception of John. They never had money. They were abused by those in power. But Revelation 21:14 tells us that God named each of the beautifully adorned foundations of the eternal Jerusalem after the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

God loves to materially bless us, but it is not always in this life. That will never change His goodness, though.

Are you blessed? Give God the glory. Are you struggling? Thank God for His salvation for you and ask Him to speak to you in the midst of your struggle.

Is this you?

  • Money
  • Fame
  • Power

Or is this you?

  • Divorce
  • Problems with kids
  • Financial troubles

Ask God to teach you to rely on His goodness whether your life is going great of if the great got going a long time ago.

He is good. He loves you, and you will forever be in His presence if you follow His Son, Jesus. There is no greater blessing for all eternity than that.


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