Do you struggle with God’s goodness? Do you wonder if He sees you or hears your prayers? Do you wonder if God is really good?

You’re not alone. Many Christians today silently struggle with whether or not God is truly good. It is one of the foundational things we must set in our hearts as Christians, so it is one of the primary ways the enemy attacks us in our minds.

The focus of the Goodness of God Devotional will be to look at various Bible figures at various points in their lives where God was good to them, even when they didn’t deserve it. We do not deserve God’s goodness either, so this devotional will give you a different biblical personality to consider each week as you examine your own life and find the ways in which God has been good to you.

I believe this will be a tremendous encouragement to you as you meditate on the ways in which God was good to people in the Bible and the ways in which He can show you the same goodness.

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