Samuel’s story is too long to reprint here, but we can see much of his life represented in 1 Samuel. God chose Samuel from before the time he was born as a response to his mother’s promise to God.

God spoke to Samuel in a time where He wasn’t speaking to almost anyone (1 Samuel 3:1). Samuel went on to found schools of prophets (1 Samuel 19:20) which could be attributed for giving rise to all of the Old Testament prophets.

Although Samuel’s sons turned out wicked, at least one of his grandsons, Heman, turned out to be a dear worshipper of God who wrote Psalms (Psalm 88) and ministered before the temple when David established 24/7 worship and prayer (1 Chronicles 6:31-38).

Hope And Despair

Samuel had a life filled with wonder and despair. His life was a mixture of successes and painful failures, but God was with him all the time. When Israel rejected him because of his wicked sons, God told Samuel they weren’t rejecting him, but God (1 Samuel 8:7).

If you have ever felt like your life is a painful mixture of success and failure, and you wonder where God is in the times of despair and failing, think about Samuel. Though he struggled and watched his nation Israel reject God and His leadership, God spoke to him as a friend.

Samuel had such an intimate relationship with God that he considered it a sin for him not to intercede for Israel (1 Samuel 12:23). Though we may face failures and painful situations, we may always draw close to a God who has intimate knowledge and love for us.

Redemption In Its Time

Have your children wandered away? Have you lost favor at your job? Have you wondered where the successes of your youth have gone? Do you fear that your best days are behind you? Don’t despair—God allowed Samuel to see and  anoint the very king who would be the type and shadow of our savior Jesus.

God was good to Samuel even to his dying day, and He can be to you as well. No matter what the circumstances around you look like, continue to humbly put your heart before God and He will be good to you like He was to Samuel.

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