The Lord doesn’t speak to me all that often, but when you add up the years I’ve been listening and that the Lord has been speaking, I have quite a diary of dreams and words from the Lord. Some of those things have already happened. Some very dramatically. Other things I feel like the Lord showed me for a time yet to come.

One of the things that I try to do when I feel really stirred by a dream or other encounter is to tell those closest to me about them so I have someone who can give an account if I ever need it. What I have learned is that is basically useless in most people’s eyes. I have been asked too many times to count why I didn’t tell anyone about my 9/11 and One World Trade Center dreams before I published my book about them in 2013. When I tell them I’ve told tons of people, their response is generally still angst and indifference.

What I’ve learned is that people are bent toward disbelief. It really doesn’t matter whether I had written a book about my 9/11 and WTC1 dreams the day after they happened, most people would have picked them apart and thrown them out for some technicality. That means that most of the time I wait to share things until I have a level of certainty I believe will be helpful to the largest number of non-cynical people. I can’t stop the cynics, but I generally wait to let those kinds of things leak out past my “inner circle.” (mainly my wife)

With that said, I’m going to do something I rarely do and share something well before it has been established in real life. This is risky for me, but I encourage healthy risk taking when it involves leaning on the Lord. Why it’s risky is because if what I say doesn’t happen the way I think it will, you will write me off as a false prophet even though I have never claimed to be a prophet. In fact, I consider myself a normal believer who has chosen to walk in the path the Apostle Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 14; that all believers should eagerly seek to prophesy.

Enough Already! What’s the Dream?

In July of 2011 I had a dream where my wife and I were invited to a wedding and a reception. They were very fancy, but I didn’t know who they were for. I happened to be dressed in working man’s clothes instead of wedding attire, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone and I never felt out of place for it. When I arrived, I realized the wedding was for Bill and Hillary Clinton. They were renewing their vows.

At the time, I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but shortly afterward I felt like it meant a renewing of their vows to America, as in reclaiming their spot in the White House. From 2011 until just a few months ago I thought this was laughably impossible, but when the Lord speaks I’ve found it better just to listen and believe (I’m also given to unbelief and skepticism myself).

What makes me feel like this message is for now is that I have recently been renovating a house for my family to move into, which I have done most of the work myself. Instead of being a desk jockey churching out works on a keyboard, most of my time lately has been spent working on plumbing, electrical, painting, flooring, hammering and every other manual task it takes to build a house.

I believe the Lord showed me the timing for when the Clintons would renew their vows, and it happened to be a time when I was a manual laborer (which I definitely wasn’t in 2011). That time is now.

Decisions in the Throne Room

I believe the decision for our next president has already been made by the One who truly decides these things. The Lord didn’t show me anything more than this, but I think it is important to set our minds right as we move into this next season.

This is an hour where we need to be asking the Lord to speak to our leaders. As our system grows more and more corrupt, we need the Lord to break in with power in the halls of power in our nation. Instead of demonizing a candidate we don’t like (or both of them), we need to be seeking the Lord to guide and direct our leaders.

I am at least a little hopeful that the Lord can get through to someone like Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton had an open line with a prophet from the 90’s who would regularly tell him what was said in top secret meetings. I know that he wasn’t always inclined to heed those words and warnings, like when the prophet told him to have nothing to do with the young, dark-haired girl who was about to show up in the capitol, but I know it gave him a healthy fear of the Lord to know that He could see and hear everything that went on behind closed doors.

What Then Shall We Do?

I pray that the Lord would have even more of an open door as the Clintons likely renew their vows with America.

I’m not suggesting that you vote for Hillary, nor do I suggest you vote down a party line. I would only ever recommend that you vote your conscience, because that is the only thing I believe we will answer to the Lord for. I am only saying that I believe the Lord showed me Hillary is going to win. I don’t even think the Lord showed me she will be responsive to Him, but that it was implied in my dream that we need to pray that she will be.

When Hillary takes her oath of office in January, let’s join together to pray for her. Let’s pray the Lord gives her humility. Let’s pray the Lord would speak to her and that she would listen to the prophets He sends her way. Let’s pray that the Lord would send many of them. And let’s pray the Lord gives us better than what our nation deserves in this hour.

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