An Introduction to the book of Acts

Acts is an important book for any Christian to study because it is the story of how and why we are called Christians. It tells the story of the journey the apostles and the church took from Jesus’ ascension to the church age and moving forward. You might be surprised by a lot of the things you’ve probably overlooked in Acts, and that’s where this podcast comes in.

Acts Cover 300In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Acts a foundational NT book
  • Bridge between gospels and epistles
  • It is the evolution of the church’s knowledge of the promised Holy Spirit’s operation
  • Acts is in fact scripture, not some book of history that stands as a second-tier book of the Bible
  • Luke is the author
  • We don’t really know who Theophilus was, but we’re glad he existed
  • Other accounts of this period were written, but only Luke’s remains and was deemed worthy of inclusion into the Canon
  • Acts is Paul-Centric
  • Paul is not a “super-apostle” as many treat him today
  • Prolific writer & learned man as evidenced in his writings
  • Acts begins with church’s birth and leads to the activities of Paul

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