Level Field

It seems like so many times the pro-life and pro-abortion crowd speak entirely different languages. The principle place this happens is the definition of personhood. Is something human beginning at conception, or whenever it is convenient to justify ridding ourselves of the inconvenience of another mouth to feed?

For people who support abortion, many times the definition of humanity is shrouded in “being wanted.” That creates a very nebulous, illogical way to define what makes a person. The shifting sands of reason created by such a mindset make infanticide a legitimate way to rid ourselves of inconvenient “accidents,” but because of an ill-defined and ever-changing code of morality, this is of course insane.

Not A Fair Fight

The truth is that abortion is really shrouded in deception. We do not fight flesh and blood in this battle. There are powers and principalities that are far more convincing than logic, reason and morals when it comes to the justification pro-abortion people give. Just in case you missed that, yes, I did say that people who are pro-abortion are deceived by demons. I am not saying they are necessarily demon-possessed, but their decision-making ability is certainly being clouded by demonic lies.

That means that fighting a war of words will never get us anywhere. If you think you can beat demons at a game they have been playing long, long before you, you are sadly mistaken. Fighting abortion with words will never work. They will always be much better at it than us because they are bent upon the lies and deception of our enemy. We need help. We need a referee. We need the playing field leveled.

We have just such a Person. God is the only one who can win this battle. He is the only one with the power to shed light on the darkness and lies that cloud the minds of millions. When our great referee does show up and turns on the lights, the demonic strongholds flee like roaches when the lights are turned on. Only then will peoples’ minds be opened.

We have seen a little bit of that happening around the country recently, but we need more. If you are pro-life, part of a pro-life ministry or are on the front lines running a pro-life ministry, you must make sure that prayer is a priority.

Calling In Help

Prayer cannot be “part” of what you do as a ministry, it must be the priority. That means that if you spend 40 hours a week figuring out how to convince people not to have abortions and no hours praying, you are destined for failure (or maybe less success than you could have).

I’m not suggesting that we stop caring for women in crisis pregnancies, praying outside abortion clinics or even giving money to the cause. No, those are necessary, but they are secondary to asking our great source of Light to shine in the darkness we face.

Does your pro-life ministry start and end the day with prayer? Why not start? I know how easy it is to get in the routine of doing, especially once you have a well-defined “groove.” But sometimes those grooves are actually a hindrance to doing what we’re really called to. If we stop and seek the Lord, He is so capable of directing our steps in the best possible path. Remember, we are really fighting an enemy we cannot see, so we need the help of our Defender who sees all.

The 30-Day Challenge

I offer you this challenge: if you are the director of a pro-life group, change your schedule for just one month. Add 30 minutes of prayer at the beginning of each day and 10 at the end. Don’t prepare a littler sermon-ette for that time, just have your staff spend 30 minutes asking the Lord to direct them and help them. No agenda, other than seeking the Lord.

Try it for a month and let us all know how much more effective the rest of your days become. Don’t let the groove you have created keep you from overcoming the enemy we are all facing: one we cannot see.

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