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Episode 016 – Judgment Part 2

Episode 016 – Judgment Part 2

Just can't get enough of people judging you? Neither could we. That's why we made a second episode! This is the second part of a conversation about the nature of God's judgment in scripture and in our world today. You won't want to miss it. Or, you know. You can...

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Do you like reminding others not to judge you while you quietly dismantle their clothing selection? Do you feel the need to point out others' faults when not asked but loath the idea of God having any opinions about your life? Do you get angry at God both for not...

Episode 014 – Legalism/Anointed

Do you like to call those who don't agree with you legalistic? Do you have an urge to make sure everyone recognizes you as a spiritual leader/and or guru? Do you wish that everyone at church was as spiritual and smart as you? If your answer to any of those questions...

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Episode 013 – Faith/Truth in Love

Do you struggle with having faith? Does that make you a horrible Christian? Do you wish you had as much faith as me? If you'd like to have as much faith as our hosts, Darren and Caleb do, then send $10 today to Also, we...

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Episode 010 – Discerning Prophetic Words

How do you know when the Lord is speaking to you or when your siblings are whispering in your ear just to mess with you? How can you be sure that a word from the Lord is actually from the Lord? The experts at "missing it" will tell you how you can try not to miss it...

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Episode 009 – Growing in Prophecy

When you tell people that God spoke to you, do they come at you with a straight-jacket When you say "thus saith the Lord" at dinner parties, does the conversation end there? While prophesying in church, do people start looking down at their watch after you've been...

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Episode 008 – Dreams

Do you dream that one day you will be rich and famous? Do you dream of your fantasy football team winning this year? Wait, we're not talking about those kinds of dreams. We're talking about actual dreams. The kind you have at night. The kind that are literal dreams....

Episode 015 – Judgment Part 1

Episode 007 – Spiritual Warfare

Are you eager to step on the devil's head? Do you feel the need to let everyone know how loud you can blow the shofar at Satan? Or do you think that demons are things used to manipulate the weak-minded? Regardless of what you think of demons and the spiritual realm,...

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