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I am currently launching two new podcasts this year. I still intend to write on the website, but I wanted to reach out to the large majority of Americans these days who do not have or take the time to read.

I will be writing less for the website over the month of February 2014 as I finalize my new Bible study on Acts that should be out in March, but things should go back to normal after that. Until then, you can subscribe to one or both of these podcasts:

Restoration Podcast smallThe Restoration Podcast Subscribe on iTunes

When you have friends whom you love having great conversations with, sometimes it’s just worth sharing them. Steve Trevino and Abel Villarreal are two of my favorite people to talk about the Lord with. Our conversations center on God’s restoring heart for His people.

Revelation 21:5 tells us that God is going to restore all things in eternity, meaning all the things that we have lost since the fall, God will make new. For those who believe in Jesus, God is going to restore to us, the earth and His kingdom that which the enemy has stolen. If you need the Lord to restore to you what the enemy has stolen, then this podcast is for you!

Steve and Abel have given their lives to serving the Lord by living with, serving and loving the addicted. I can think of no better way in our society to fulfill James’ command to serve the widows and fatherless (James 1:27) than by working to restore those husbands and fathers to families devastated by addiction. They work together at CrossCentral Church and Recovery Center, a growing church and free rehabilitation program centered on restoring peoples’ lives through the power of the gospel. Check them out at CrossCentral’s website.

Darren Hibbs Podcast smallThe Darren Hibbs Podcast Subscribe on iTunes

The name is original, isn’t it? This is the podcast extension of my blog. This is where I extend to a listening audience the same type of content I write about on a weekly basis. I focus on making the simple things simple and keeping the difficult things difficult. God has revealed Himself to us in a way that we can have a solid relationship with Him even though He is unsearchable in the depth of His knowledge, love and character. Knowing how to separate the two is the path to freedom on the journey of your life in God, theology and practice.

I try to keep the broadcast to 20 minutes or less, perfect for a short commute to work.

Sound off in the comments and let me hear from you what you think about the new podcasts.

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