I’ve been AWOL for a couple of weeks now so I thought I’d explain why. My wife and I had our third child, beautiful Ella. Also, in the last couple weeks I built a play bed for my daughter Emily who’ll she’ll share with Ella when she’s old enough. Here’s the photos





Building a bed like this isn’t as expensive as you would think. Depending on how big and how many bells and whistles you put into it, it can be pretty cheap when you think about spending a couple hundred bucks just to buy an IKEA bed. For just a little more you can build something like this.

The caveats? You have to be able to use a saw without chopping your fingers off and a little design savvy never hurts, either.

I used¬†Google Sketchup, which is a great FREE 3D computer aided design (CAD) software to build the model for the bed. Instead of printing out plans for the bed I just use the dimensions off my computer to build the bed. It’s a completely paperless solution, but several trees still had to lose their lives for the bed.

I’ll be back to regular writing now. Look for my upcoming series on fasting. I think it will challenge you as I know it will me.

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