“I don’t like to read Revelation because no one ever agrees on it. It’ll all pan out in the end anyway.”

Ever heard that before? I know I have countless times. They didn’t come up with the idea themselves, though, and that’s what makes me sad. The only people who can say this are people who’ve spent more time listening to what others say about Revelation instead of just reading for themselves. Anyone who’s ever read Revelation for themselves is going to know that they should definitely read it over and over again.

How can I be so sure? Let’s look at some of the very first words in the book:

Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. Revelation 1:3

There is no other book in the Bible with such an explicit promise of blessing just for reading. We know that we receive a blessing from reading any and all of God’s Word, but here it is in black and white. Not only that, but we get even more blessed from taking the words to heart. I don’t think anyone can honestly make the statement I started with if this is true.

The problem is not that many people disagree, because that’s absolutely true. Read two commentaries on Revelation and you’ll certainly find worlds of difference. No, the real problem is that people are more familiar with what others have say about Revelation than they are with Revelation’s actual words.

The above verse doesn’t promise you’ll be blessed if you read books on Revelation. There’s no promised blessing for subscribing to podcasts on Revelation. And there’s definitely no blessing for choosing not to read it or think about it in an attempt to stay “end times neutral.”

Making The Right Choice

I’ve read Revelation hundreds of times. I’m more familiar with the words of Revelation than most people I know. Yes, I’ve read many commentaries and listened to many messages on it, too, but I started by just reading. I read it once a week for 1 year before I ever picked up a commentary or went looking for a podcast. Why? I wanted it in me before I started hearing what others had to say. I wanted God’s Word in me before I filled my heart with man’s words.

Men’s words aren’t inherently bad, but God’s Word is always better. We may get blessed through men’s words, but we’re promised to get blessed from God’s Word.

So it’s time to start making the right choice. There’s really no neutral when it comes to Revelation, or any scripture, for that matter. You have to pick a side.

Pick God’s side.

God’s side is where you read His Word and over and over again and ask Him questions. Spend time in prayer asking for His direction and His understanding. Yes, commentaries may help. Get a few. But don’t spend more time in them than you do in God’s Word itself or in prayer.

If you’d like to start receiving God’s blessing from Revelation, start reading it today. I’ve got a great new book out on how to study Revelation. And I put my money where my mouth is right there in the introduction to it. I stress that the greatest value you get out of my study is through reading Revelation 10 times for yourself. Why?

Because if you spend more time in God’s Word, then you’ll be spending more time encountering the God who wrote it. And the way to come down on the right side of scripture is to encounter and engage with God.

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