The Naturally Supernatural Podcast

The┬áNaturally Supernatural podcast is for those who believe in the full, modern manifestation of the Holy Spirit but who don’t fit into the stereotypical mold of a “Charismatic.”

This is the place for people who have come from Charismatic/Pentecostal backgrounds and love the Holy Spirit but hate the nonsense, or people from other traditions who have been on the fence because of the negative stereotypes they have heard or been taught or seen. I’m looking at you Christian television.

We’re your hosts, Darren Hibbs and Caleb Harper.

The 10 Week Bible Podcast

The 10 Week Bible Podcast is a daily broadcast, 5 days a week, to encourage you to consume God’s Word like never before. It follows along with the 10 Week Bible study guides on different books in print or soon to be in print from the series.

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About Darren

I am a writer, author and purveyor of ink on paper. I also preach, teach and create Excel spreadsheets.

I'm using this blog as a testbed for future book projects as well as my own musings. Enjoy musing with me.

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