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Short Biography of Darren Hibbs


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Darren Hibbs has worked in full-time ministry, the construction industry and as a writer he has published several books.

Darren has great passion for revival in America and longs to see the church embrace God’s correction so that we may receive the fullness of what He has to offer us.

Darren’s heart burns to bring a message of hope to a lost and broken world through the immeasurable love of Jesus. It is his heart that this message of God’s correction will be heard by the church and embraced so that the lost will see and hear the good news about Jesus as they see it change us.

Long Biography of Darren Hibbs

Being raised in a church tradition that did not believe in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, Darren thought all God gave us was a Bible. In 1995, that began to change. Having attended a meeting where a prophet spoke, he began to study the scriptures to find out for himself if the Lord still spoke.

After a few months of study, Darren concluded that God did still speak. He set about asking God to speak to him every day. For five years, he waited, but God didn’t disappoint. Now it is Darren’s passion to open peoples’ eyes to the reality of God’s voice and His presence. He longs to raise up a prophetic people who will be led by God’s voice, not by the whims of a people without a vision of the Lord.

During college, Darren had the first in a series of dramatic prophetic events where the Lord showed him the collapse of the World Trade Center two days before it happened. A year and a half later, God visited Darren again in a dream and showed him the building that would take their place, and what it meant for the future of America. That prophetic story is recounted in The Year of the Lord’s Favor?

Darren graduated from Texas A&M University and began working for a construction company as a project manager, overseeing highway construction projects. After almost a decade in construction, he left that behind to begin writing full-time. After five years of writing, Darren has now ghost-written two books, produced two Bible studies and written three books of his own.

Books written by Darren Hibbs (click each book for full-resolution images)

Year of Favor Iso SmallThe Year of the Lord’s Favor?

Was September 11th about more than just a terrorist attack? Could the rebuilt One World Trade Center be more than just a symbol of American resurgence? In The Year of the Lord’s Favor, Darren Hibbs tells the story of two dreams God spoke to him in about the future of America. In the first, two days before 9/11, an angel showed Darren the collapse of the World Trade Center. In the second dream, God showed Darren the rebuilt One World Trade Center and gave him a message of warning for America’s coming days. Will America listen?



Diary of Dreams Iso SmallA Diary of Dreams and Visions

Does God speak to young people about things that have deep meaning for the rest of their lives? Would Jesus appear at a little league baseball game with a hot dog and a Coke? Can God speak about our loved ones, even if we’re on the other side of the earth? In this book of short stories, Darren Hibbs authentically shares some of his own stories of God speaking in dreams and visions. Designed to be an encouragement to your spiritual walk with God, the stories in this book will have you asking God for more of His precious voice in your own life.


Iso SmallSpiritual Gifts: Are They Still For Today?

This is an introductory book into the reality of God’s continued action in the lives of everyday Christians. Anything but distant, God still involves Himself in the affairs of people through miracles, signs, wonders and prophecy. Many today still struggle with the reality and whether modern day miracles and gifts are still biblical. This short book will introduce you to why God still does and why you should be asking for Him to every day.



Acts Cover Iso SmallrevelationThe 10 Week Bible: Acts and Revelation

Experts agree that the key to learning anything is repetition. The 10 Week Bible series is a new way to engage with the Bible for group and personal study. In ten short weeks, you will have gained a better overview of God’s Word by reading that book of the Bible ten times. You will also plant deep roots by studying, in-depth, what God actually says in His Word. The 10 Week Bible comes with helpful questions and commentary, not designed to teach only one perspective, but to give you permission to seek the Holy Spirit to be your teacher. Pick one up today and you will find that 10 weeks really can change your life!


Sample Interview Questions

General Questions

Q: Why did you start writing? A: I felt led to begin writing, so my wife and I went to buy a laptop to create a more comfortable writing environment for me. In a prophetic dream, my friend Draper was standing with God watching me buy something. He said he didn’t know what it was, but the Lord told him how much I paid for it and that it would go to good use. Draper had no way of knowing, but he told me exactly how much I had paid for the laptop the day before. That has given me a lot of confidence to keep going even when writing and publishing has been difficult.

The Year of the Lord’s Favor?

Q: If your two dreams were in 2001 and 2003, why did you wait so long to write the book? A: The truth is, I wish I hadn’t waited so long. Before September 11, 2011 it just never occurred to me to write a book about what the Lord had spoken to me. It was when I saw the building exactly as it had been in my dream when they dedicated the 9/11 memorial in 2011 that I realized how serious the word God gave me was. I had told many people about the dreams before then, but few people listened. It wasn’t until I committed to writing the stories for a book did people begin taking them seriously. There is a legitimacy that comes when you commit something to paper that rarely comes beforehand. I wish I had realized that ten years ago. I can only pray that it was the Lord’s timing for now, because our time is short. Q: Is there hope for America? A: There is always hope. Before One World Trade Center is completed, there is hope that God’s people will repent and He will heal our land and relent from bringing judgment against America. After the building is completed, there will still be hope that God would still forgive us and relent from judgment. As the prophet Joel said, “who knows, maybe God will leave a blessing instead?” We must always trust that our God is slow to anger and abounding in love. He longs for us to prosper, but not when we choose to deny and abandon Him in the process. There will always be hope for America as long as there are people willing to pray.

A Diary of Dreams and Visions

Q: What inspired you to write about your own experiences? A: The main thing that inspired me to ask God to speak to me wasn’t just reading the Bible, but hearing other peoples’ stories. I gained my understanding that God could speak through my study of scripture, but I had no language to ask until I heard contemporary people tell me their own stories of God speaking. When I realized how God actually spoke to others, it gave me confidence to ask Him for the same thing today. My prayer is that this book can be my way of paying forward the encouragement I received when I started down this journey. Q: How do you decide whether something is a true word from God or not? A: That truly takes time and experience, but the easiest way is when God simply confirms what you have already been praying about. I have on many occasions had prophetic friends call me and tell me what I prayed in silence and what God’s answer was to it. When God supernaturally confirms something you can have a lot of confidence in it, but it usually takes a little risk on our part. When learning if I was hearing God, I had to risk looking a little silly asking them if what God spoke to me was true. Sometimes it’s the Lord and sometimes it’s not, but you can’t learn if you don’t humbly risk it.

Spiritual Gifts

Q: There are tons of books about whether spiritual gifts are still relevant, so why write another one? A: There is no faster-growing portion of the church today than the charismatic arm of it, so more people are comfortable with continuationism now than ever before. What I have noticed is that the cessationist arm of the church is becoming more entrenched. I have also seen that many in the charismatic streams of Christianity believe God still speaks and acts, but rarely ask for or experience Him in those ways. This book as a friendly rebuttal of the cessationist position while encouraging people to truly seek God in prayer for miracles, signs, wonders and prophetic leading like the church prayed for in Acts 4.

The 10 Week Bible Study series

Q: Why do you have a passion for people reading the Bible ten times in ten weeks? A; Many researchers and leaders today say we are in a biblical famine within the church. One reason for that is that people just don’t read the Bible anymore. They get all their Bible from sermons, detailed but shallow Bible studies that look at six to twenty verses over a month or two or Hallmark cards. The Bible is often the last place people go to become familiar with the Bible. The premise behind the 10 Week Bible Study is that there is nothing more important than the Bible itself–not commentaries, not sermons–nothing. By reading a book of the Bible ten times in ten weeks, people will actually fill their hearts with God’s Word. When our hearts are filled with His Word, we will meditate on it and draw closer to God without even trying. Q: Why ten weeks? A: When working out, there is a minimum amount of time necessary to begin to see changes in your body–most people say at least three weeks. The same is true for scripture study. I believe that reading 8-10 times is the minimum necessary to truly begin to get a book of the Bible “in you.” For personal study, ten weeks is just the beginning. I hope and pray that people will go far beyond ten weeks when reading a book of the Bible. For group study, I found that 8-10 weeks was the maximum amount of time you can keep most groups focused on a topic. The convergence of the needs for personal and group study is what led me to make it 10 weeks long, and I believe it can change the way you see scripture and relate to God forever.


Q: Why did you choose Revelation for your fist book? Why not something easier?

A: The 10 Week Bible study was born out of my study of Revelation. Mike Bickle, the director or the International House of Prayer, issued a challenge several years ago to read Revelation once a week for three years. I did just that, and it changed my life. Just by reading Revelation with no commentaries or sermons, I began to understand it so much better than I ever had. I had only read it five or six times over twenty years before that, and after the first year I had read it over 52 times. That made a tremendous difference, and it showed me it wasn’t a lack of teaching on the subject that was my problem, but that I wasn’t truly familiar enough with God’s own Words. Those three years radically changed my life in many ways, and I wanted to offer that to others.

Q: How did you figure out what all the symbols mean in Revelation?

A: Many people are intimidated by Revelation because of all the seemingly cryptic things in it. First, Revelation is one of the most challenging books in scripture to understand because of that, but it’s not impossible like many people think. When something in scripture is challenging, we don’t need better teaching from “experts,” what we need is more time with the Author. Simply filling your mind and heart with God’s Word over and over solves most of the challenges people have with understanding Revelation.


Q: Why should people want to study Acts? A: I don’t believe there is any part of the Bible, Old or New Testament, that believers should neglect, but Acts holds a special place in my heart because it is the birth of who we are today–the church. I wrote Acts after a year of reading and studying it once a week. I wanted to offer a little different perspective than I had seen in other studies. Many people look to Acts for how our churches should look today, and I think that is a little misguided. The real story of Acts is not how God “does” church, but how He leads it. The real point of Acts is that there is a supernatural God who really leads, guides and directs those who seek Him. He really heals, performs miracles and uses those who surrender their lives to Him. We don’t need more church models from Acts, but more of an understanding of God that drove the early church to do what they did. Our churches will look different than theirs did because we have different circumstances, but we have the same Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.

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