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I’ve been struggling with fasting lately, so I thought I’d write about it for a while. There’s very few things more powerful in our Christian lives than fasting, and that’s why I want it in my life so badly. For years I’ve maintained a pattern of regular and extended fasts and I can personally attest to the power they hold.

I don’t want to come across like I’m bragging about it. In fact, I feel like I’m as far away from being able to brag about as possible. I’ve committed to the Lord to do regular fasts and for a long while now I haven’t been able to do it. I’m hoping that by putting my intentions in writing it will help me jump back in and encourage you as well.

Today I’m not going to give a theological treatise on fasting; I just want to explain what the next several posts are going to be about and why I’m writing them. If you want to feel more of God in your life, fasting is the key. Notice that I say “feel.”

God is always near us, whether we perceive it or not, but fasting helps us weak and broken humans feel that closeness. We become more perceptive to God’s subtle movements; that still small voice. It tenderizes our heart (much like a meat tenderizer does!) so that we can feel God more.

Feeling God doesn’t change our eternal position before Him. We don’t earn anything for fasting, except the rewards of feeling that closeness with God. But feeling that presence of God makes all the difference. It’s often hard to follow God without any return input. Are we going the right direction? Is God happy with us? Are we living a godly life?

Fasting won’t always necessarily answer these questions, but it puts us in the place to make sense of them like few other things do. I’ve been struggling to feel God’s presence lately and I think it’s in large part because I’ve not been fasting much.

Consider fasting a day or two a week over the next year. It will change your life. I know it will mine. Sound off in the comments if you want this community to pray for you to grow in fasting, and pray for me. I want to grow too!

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