Optimism vs. Victory

Being optimistic is a really good character trait. Always looking for the bright side will make you happier and people will like you more. But don’t call your optimism or finding a silver lining God.

All too often we exchange the victory God would give us for our own optimism. Many times when we are in a crisis, we would do much better to simply acknowledge how bad the situation really is and declare that we are totally helpless to it.

It is then that we cry out to God in desperation. In desperation He saves.

Don’t exchange the total victory God would give you for optimism. Let God be your silver lining in the midst of dark times.


Benjamin Franklin

The poor have little;

beggars none;

the rich, too much;

enough, not one.



“To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.”

-Mark Twain

Bible Study

Study To Show Yourself Approved

“Study (be dilligent) to show yourself approved…” 2 Timothy 2:15.
Who are we to gain approval from for our study, man or God? The second half of the verse answers that question.

Study the Word, then, not to learn how to teach it to others, but to learn to commune with God. Those who commune with God can teach with few words more than a thousand books by eloquent wordsmiths who’ve studied for man’s sake.