Day 2: John 20:19-31

Stories: Jesus appears to His disciples


1) How did Jesus get through the walls? Why did He show them His hands and sides? Why did Jesus’ resurrected body bear the scars of His suffering? Will our resurrected body bear our scars?

2) Did the disciples receive the Holy Spirit now, or was He still to come at Pentecost?

3) Thomas refused to believe Jesus was risen unless he saw the scars for himself – he wouldn’t take anyone’s word for it. Jesus, in His new M.O. Appeared in the room even though the doors were locked. When Jesus told him that those who hadn’t seen would be blessed, He was speaking of us. How blessed is it to take these men at their words and receive the blessing Jesus promised here!

4) John tells us at the end of this chapter that the signs and actions of Jesus that he recorded are by no means exhaustive, but hand-chosen to make the point he set out to make in this book – that the Messiah was in fact divine. Jesus was God and the Messiah at the same time.

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