Day 2: Revelation 20

Week 10: Revelation 19:6-22

The Great Transition & Eternity

Chapters 19-22 cover a lot of ground, but there are two major things going on here. Jesus Himself is on earth to put an end to the wickedness and transition earth into His eternal kingdom.

The End

  • Jesus now meets the armies of the Antichrist in Jerusalem
  • Casts the antichrist and false prophet into the lake of fire (hell)
  • Personally kills all the rest of the rebellious army & allies
  • Buzzards will literally eat the rotting flesh of the dead


  • This is one of the most contested passages in Revelation
  • Many ways to look at this 1,000 years
  • Details are sparse
  • I hold to a “pre-millennial” position—Jesus returns before the millennium begin
  • Satan is bound in the bottomless pit

Satanic Rebellion 2.0

  • Satan is released
  • Deceives the nations
  • Dispels the lie that if we saw God, we would believe & follow Him
  • God now judges all—up until now the only two in hell are the antichrist and false prophet
  • Entrance into eternity is allegiance to Jesus

The New Heaven & Earth

  • Another contested point—is earth destroyed and replaced or refurbished?
  • Earth and the New Jerusalem is our eternal home, not “heaven”
  • If on earth today, this Jerusalem would reach far into space
  • God honors the twelve tribes and the twelve apostles in its construction—the conclusion of His two great covenants
  • No sun, moon or stars—God and Jesus themselves provide light

In The Beginning

  • When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them a tree of life and rivers
  • We again find the tree of life and a river of life
  • Forever we will live face to face with God on earth

John’s Warning

  • Do not attempt to rewrite or unwrite Revelation
  • This does not mean wrong interpretations will destine you to hell
  • Does not include any other books of the Bible—specific to Revelation


We often speak about belief in Jesus being the measure of a Christian, but Revelation allows us to see things much differently. Demons believe in Him. The wicked and rebellious people of earth see and believe in Him throughout the end times. Revelation gives us an understanding that Jesus requires our allegiance. There is an invisible war going on today, and it will only be made manifest in the end times, that war between God and Satan, their two armies colliding.

We must choose a side. Belief is not enough—our entire heart is what God is after. Many will believe in Jesus but turn away to follow the Antichrist. Our call is to stay faithful to Jesus and Him alone, even if it means death.

Today we can choose allegiance to Jesus. It is our only hope of salvation today as it will be in these coming last days.

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