Week 2: Acts 3-5

Picking up in Acts 3, we find that the apostles have set into a routine of prayer. God is going to miraculously interrupt that routine which will change the methods of the church from here on out. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to purchase your copy of Acts: A 10 Week Bible Study on Amazon today.

Acts Cover 300In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Normal Life – the power of routine
  • The Miracle
  • Peter’s Second Sermon
  • The Response – 2,000 people
  • The Arrest – The Jesus problem is back (and the Sanhedrin’s power to arrest—Israel’s uniqueness)
  • The Corruption of the Sanhedrin
  • The Prayer – asking for supernatural power
  • God’s response – God signified that He really liked their prayer
  • An overwhelming response – communal living
  • Introduction of Barnabas
  • Ananias and Sapphira – Peter’s Prophetic Insight
  • The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
  • No One Dared Join Them – n ot entirely true
  • The Arrest & God’s Freedom
  • Gamaliel
  • Flogging & Joy

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