Day 5: John 6:25-70

Stories: The Bread of Life


1) Why do they ask Jesus for a sign and why did they mention the Israelites manna?

2) Why does Jesus then liken Himself to the manna and call Himself the “bread of life?”

3) What made the people willing to call Jesus “the Prophet” but when He called Himself the “bread of life” they discounted Him because they knew Him growing up?

4) Why is Jesus intentionally strange about insisting that people “eat His flesh?” What a strange thing to say!

Paradoxes: Jesus specifically chose His twelve disciples, including Judas. Why does Jesus stop here to say that He knew one of them was “a devil?” Why did Jesus give Judas charge over the money? Why on earth would God choose the very man who would betray Him and lead Him to death?

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