Week 4: Acts 9-11

In Acts 9, we begin an intentional shift towards the story of Paul and his life. This is not because Paul is the most important New Testament character, but because our author, Luke, as we will find out later spent years traveling with him and is an eye-witness to many of the things later in the book.

Acts Cover 300In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Story Begins to shift toward Saul (Paul)
  • Saul’s conversion
  • Suffer for My name?
  • Acts vs. Galatians accounts
  • Saul sent to Tarsus
  • Peter travels in Judea
  • Peter’s miracles in Judea
  • Cornelius’ visitation
  • Peter’s Vision
  • Cornelius – the first Gentile Christian
  • The controversy over Cornelius
  • The growth of Antioch
  • Agabus, the first mentioned prophet of the New Testament

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