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Week 5: Acts 12-14

Week 5: Acts 12-14

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We now begin to follow Paul on his first missionary journey and discover just how true it was when God said to Paul he would suffer for His name. Find out why this week in the 10 Week Bible Study Podcast!

Acts Cover 300In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • James’ death: a reminder of Jesus’ words in John 15
  • Peter’s arrest and strangely large guard
  • Peter’s release from prison: completely different from James
  • Herod’s strange death
  • Mark’s introduction
  • Teachers and prophets
  • Barnabas’ and Saul’s first missionary journey
  • Cyprus: Barnabas’ home
  • Saul’s name change
  • On the mainland
  • Mark leaves
  • Antioch (one of the other ones) – named after Antiochus
  • Jealousy among the Jewish leaders
  • Iconium
  • “Signs and wonders”
  • The gods among us
  • The crowd turns on them, so quickly
  • Paul stoned
  • Backtracking and back to Antioch (in Syria)

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