Day 2: John 9:13-34

Stories: The Blind man questioned


1) The Pharisees were angry because putting mud on the man’s eyes would break their (not the Bible’s) notion of what constituted work on a Sabbath.

2) It is interesting to note that at this point some of the Pharisees were willing to side with Jesus after this miracle.

3) The blind man’s parents were afraid of being thrown out of the synagogue because of Jesus – it was already well known the prejudice the leaders had against Him at this time.

4) “You were steeped in sin at birth.” This is an amazing statement against this man that reaffirms the prevailing theology of sickness. The leaders knew the man was healed and they were angry about how and why he would have been healed.

Paradoxes: This notion of not knowing where Jesus came from comes up again. Why didn’t Jesus ever set the record straight?

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