Day 5: John 12:37-50

Stories: Those who believe in Jesus


1) Why would God prophesy in advance that people wouldn’t believe Jesus’ message? Why would God want to “blind their eyes?” Doesn’t God want everyone to believe? – There is a mysterious way about God in that He creates excuses for people not to believe in Him if they want them. He makes it easy for people to refuse Him if they choose to. Why would He do this?

2) Many leaders believed in Jesus but they loved human praise so they wouldn’t openly accept Him. What a sad statement. In what ways are we exactly the same? In what ways to we honor people instead of God?

3) Everything Jesus said is what the Father commanded Him to say. Why did God have Him say paradoxical things?

Paradoxes: Why does Jesus here say that He didn’t come to judge the world when He said just the opposite in chapter 9? “For judgment I have come into this world…” (John 9:39)

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