Week 7: Acts 18-20

Acts 18-20 cover some of the most fruitful time in Paul’s ministry during the book of Acts. There is so much good stuff to learn from this week, so I hope you’ll dig into the Word of God with me!

Acts Cover 300In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • We get the phrase “tentmaker” from Acts 18
  • We discover that Paul is bi-vocational to some extent
  • Devoted himself full-time to preaching when help arrived
  • Paul shook the dust off his clothes in protest as Jesus commanded in Luke 9:5
  • Paul was committed to the gospel, not to people. We need to go where the gospel is fruitful, not just to a people we would like to see fruit in.
  • Paul wan’t willing to waste his time with unwilling hearts
  • The Lord directed Paul in a vision – stayed in Corinth longer than anywhere else yet
  • Gallo, the wicked Proconsul
  • Ephesus – the place the Holy Spirit prevented Paul from going to before
  • Apollos – another powerful mouthpiece
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit in Ephesus – included tongues AND prophecy
  • Two years in Ephesus – the most yet!
  • “Out of the ordinary” miracles by Paul
  • Sons of Sceva incident – it invoked fear and repentance
  • The riot of Ephesus
  • Paul’s life threatened in Macedonia
  • Eutychus dies and is raised to life in Troas
  • On to Jerusalem – Paul already knows his fate
  • “More blessed to give than to receive” – a quote by Jesus?

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