Day 1: John 13:1-17

Stories: Jesus washes the disciples’ feet


1) It is interesting how John adds his commentary at the beginning of this chapter. He rarely does this throughout the book, so we see something is different here. This is the moment when he leaned against Jesus’ chest at the dinner, so it became a pivotal and defining moment for John. This was very special to him.

2) Peter was always all in our all out. His refusal and then insistence to be washed is somewhat funny in the midst of what is going on. There are several times in the book where it seems like John is including stories of Peter for amusement’s sake. I sense a brotherly love in some poking of fun at Peter with things like this.

3) They didn’t understand, but they soon would: The disciples made a dramatic change after the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and the same people who wanted to call down fire on others now are walking in the authority and humility of Jesus as they saw when they were with Him. This was a beautiful example set for His disciples

Paradoxes: Why does the creator of all things stoop down to wash our feet? Why does God humble Himself for our sake? We don’t deserve it

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