Day 2: John 13:18-30

Stories: Judas’ Betrayal Foretold


1) Why is Jesus so troubled by His betrayal? Didn’t He choose Judas knowing full well what he would one day do? Why is Jesus so filled with emotion over this?

2) This is the moment John used to define himself for the rest of his life and this book. He was no longer a rough, manly fisherman, but a gentle soul in love with God Himself. For John to set aside the macho exterior for this identity says a lot about himself and the Son of Man that he came to know.

3) Why the dipping in the bowl thing? How did the disciples not understand what was happening?

4) What does it mean for Satan to enter someone? How exactly did this work and how would it work today?

Paradoxes: As we’ve looked at before, why did Jesus choose Judas knowing what he would one day do?

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