Day 3: John 13:31-38

Stories: Peter’s Denial Foretold


1) Love one another: how is this a new command? Isn’t this throughout the Bible? What did Jesus mean when He called this a new command? Jesus is obviously speaking of something new in this command, so it’s worthy of investigation with the Holy Spirit as to exactly how to live this out. How can we love each other if our standard is the love that Jesus had for us? It’s beyond our ability!

2) This issue of a rooster crowing is very interesting. Other gospels put the details differently. When it comes to details like this, we need to keep in mind what is and isn’t important. From John’s perspective, he is leaving out details he felt unimportant to his point. The three denials are the important part of this which we will revisit in John’s last chapter.

3) John tells Peter’s story more than any other disciple in his book. He tells the weighty, important parts as an example for us and he also shares some lighthearted parts of Peter’s story. I love reading between the lines knowing that these two men would love, respect and work together for decades to come spreading the gospel around the world.

Paradoxes: How is Peter’s denial different from Judas’ betrayal? Why is Judas the bad guy and Peter becomes the leader of the church?

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