Day 4: John 14:1-14

Stories: Ask me for anything…


1) Why is Jesus preparing a place for us? Couldn’t He just speak it into being? In what way is Jesus preparing a place for us?

2) Why does Jesus tell the disciples they know where He is going when clearly they don’t? Does’t Jesus know they don’t know? This is a very interesting exchange. He is speaking of Himself being the “place” rather than a place to go. Knowing Jesus is much more important than knowing the right answers or having everything together.

3) The last part of this passage is actually disturbing. Jesus makes it clear that if we believe in Him, we will do the works that He did. He is speaking of healing and deliverance in addition to preaching and teaching. Asking anything in His name is a scary endeavor. Will we be willing to step out and begin asking Jesus to do the things He did through us today?

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