Week 8: Acts 21-23

Things are going to begin to get difficult for Paul from here on out, but some of the most amazing things will also happen to him. You’ll want to follow along to find out!

Acts Cover 300In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • Luke begins Acts 21 with some interesting details: sailing courses – travel begins to get more difficult for Paul and crew
  • Philip’s house must have been a hotbed for prophetic activity
  • We meet Agabus again – with a negative prophetic word
  • Paul is undeterred by Agabus’ word
  • Paul goes to the temple out of obedience to James and the elders there (most other apostles had already left Jerusalem)
  • Paul arrested under false pretenses and false witness and misunderstanding
  • Purification rights – Paul and other believers still obeying the Law?
  • Paul spoke multiple languages – a great help
  • Paul had a foot in the Hellenistic and Israeli camps of Judaism
  • Jewish prejudice and hatred
  • Roman Citizenship – no small privilege
  • Paul causes the Sanhedrin to turn on themselves
  • God’s protection of Paul

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