Day 3: John 16:1-15

Stories: Persecution, Holy Spirit Continued


1) How could we fall away? Why do we need to know these things in advance?

2) It is better that Jesus goes away so the Holy Spirit will come – that’s a powerful testimony of the power and place of the Holy Spirit in our lives

3) Sin, righteousness and judgment – these three things are the main three things that cause people to reject God.

Sinful hearts hate for their sin to be exposed. We want to hold onto it.

Sinful hearts want to be self-righteous. Our sinful nature wants to make excuses for our sin and why it’s not really all that bad. We want to excuse ourselves.

Sinful hearts do not want to be judged, but to do the judging. By only judging others, we feel we can keep judgment against us at an arms length, and thereby control who we feel has access to judge us.

The problem with these three things is that we are sinful, we have no righteousness of our own and we have a judge whom we didn’t choose and we have no control over – He is the one who has already judged Satan.

4) The Spirit will teach us things in season as we are ready for them. We should seek and ask constantly for the Spirit to teach us new things and free our hearts from darkness.

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