Day 5: Revelation 15-16 Recap

Week 8: Revelation 15-16

Day 1: 15:1-4

We ended chapter 14 on a very sobering note. We are told that there is coming a “winepress of God’s wrath.” Chapters 15-16 will show us a little of what is to come, because we now enter the fullness of God’s wrath against those on earth who have rejected His Son and persecuted and killed His beloved bride.

  • The Chorus of Heaven
  • We need to pay attention when heaven erupts into song
  • God is JUST in all that He does
  • Only God is holy—no one else, not even the saints
  • All the saints are deserving of the same fate if it weren’t for Jesus’ blood

Day 2: 15:5-8

  • The Temple
  • The angels come out with their bowls of the wrath of God
  • Like Solomon’s Temple, here again we have smoke that prevents the normal operation within
  • This is a holy moment in heaven—God is unapproachable until the bowls of wrath are complete. He will not be bargained with at this point.

Day 3: 16:1-11

First Bowl

  • Painful sores—these will persist throughout the bowl judgments

Second Bowl

  • Sea turned to blood—everything left dies
  • The seals and trumpets dealt in fourths and thirds. The bowls are now absolute and complete.

Third Bowl

  • Fresh water turned to blood—now all the water on earth is undrinkable. Where does anyone get drinking water now?
  • This judgment is so harsh that the angel stops for a moment and acknowledges that God is righteous in what He is doing. It is vindication for the blood of the saints.

Fourth Bowl

  • Scorching heat—the people of earth know that God is doing this and they hate Him all the more for it. The judgments are magnifying what is truly in their hearts.
  • Here again is vindication—we see in Revelation 7:16 That many saints were held in scorching heat, exposed to the sun, during the tribulation.

Fifth Bowl

  • Somehow darkness now falls on the kingdom of the beast. The darkness causes them all to stop and have to live with nothing but the torment of their painful sores and scorched bodies.

Day 4: 16:12-21

Sixth Bowl

  • Like when the Persians conquered Babylon, again the Euphrates will be dry for the armies of Satan to try to conquer.
  • The demonic frogs will gather the kings of the earth for war against Jesus Himself!
  • By this point, the people of earth are so used to supernatural events that these prophetic frogs are obviously not enough to cause anyone to think twice about their involvement!
  • Jesus Himself gives one final warning here—He is about to come, like He said, as a thief in the night to those who do not know Him. He promised us that for those who know Him, He will not come as a thief (1 Thessalonians 5:4-5)

Seventh Bowl

  • Planet earth is shaken so that all the cities of the earth collapse.
  • What is curious is that the earthquakes are not what the people of earth find the most egregious—it is the hail
  • For some perspective, each hailstone will be about the size of a large living room sofa. The world has never seen such a thing.
  • The people of earth will with their last breath curse God one more time. What comes next for them is the winepress of God’s wrath as we have seen before

Day 5: Recap

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