Day 1: John 17:1-26

Stories: Jesus’ Final Prayers


1) This passage includes the final words of Jesus in front of His disciples before His resurrection. These prayers are the intense final words of Jesus before the greatest and most cataclysmic transition in human history.

2) To understand the full ramifications of this time, I highly recommend buying a copy of Rick Larson’s Bethlehem Star video at In it he explains that this exact moment, the crucifixion, was set in motion at the creation of the stars and the planets.

3) Jesus prays for the glory He had before “the world began” to be placed on Him. Jesus was there at creation and He is the one redeeming creation at this moment

4) Jesus prays for His disciples’ message. Jesus came and chose to hand over the “keys of the kingdom” to fallible humans to partner with Him in the spreading of the Word of God and the grace of God.

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