Day 2: John 18:1-24

Stories: Judas’ betrayal, Jesus’ trial


1) Why did Judas come with a mob?

2) “I Am” he. This statement carries so much meaning and weight. John has told us many times that Jesus was there at the creation of the world. The same one who created all the matter and energy in the cosmos with His breath here speaks His rightful name of God. In an example of extreme kindness, the One whose breath contained the power of creating all that exists, those who heard His name simply fell down. Anything short of annihilation here was a tremendous kindness

3) John somehow knew Caiaphas, so he is the only disciple who went into the courts where Jesus was questioned. Peter, stayed outside and denied Jesus the first of his three times without even thinking about it.

4) I’m not sure that Peter’s denials were just out of fear. Keep in mind that Peter just had his world shaken. He thought it was Jesus’ time to reign and he was ready to kill for Him. Instead, Jesus rebuked Peter for using His sword and healed the man’s ear he had cut off (although John doesn’t tell us that). Peter was probably angry and felt betrayed.

5) Can you imagine being the person who struck Jesus because he felt like He had dishonored the high priest?

Paradoxes: Judas thought that Jesus would be in the garden, so that’s where he took the soldiers. Jesus knew that would be Judas’ first place to look for Him, so why did He go there? Why not go somewhere else? We’ve seen that Jesus, when He wants to disappear, has done so effortlessly? Why be so obvious now?

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