Day 3: Revelation 18:11-24

Week 9: Revelation 17-19:5

Day 1: 17:1-18

Up until now, things in Revelation have just happened with little explanation of why. Through some context we have been able to pick up that God is judging only the wicked of the earth, but we are still left with more questions than answers. The next section of Revelation gives us the why behind what has been going on before the tribulation began.

The why is Babylon

The Harlot & The Beast

  • John sees a vision of the harlot. This is brand new information very late in Revelation
  • This is going to explain why the things that have taken place have happened
  • The woman is sitting on a beast and she is drunk on the blood of martyred saints. She is bad news.
  • She is a mystery

The Beast

  • The beast is the Antichrist, the beast who came from the earth. He died and rose to life again.
  • Only those who have the mark of the beast will find him intriguing.
  • God’s people will not be fooled by him. We will know him for sure.
  • The Antichrist will destroy the woman—God will use him as retribution against Babylon’s atrocities against His saints
  • Jesus will overcome him!

The Woman

  • Seven mountains – some have said this must be Rome because of Rome’s seven hills
  • Possibly Rome, but more likely a conglomeration of seven nations who ally with her much like the Beast’s allied nations
  • She is more than likely a system of rule presided over by a single city.
  • System & City
  • Don’t bet against Revelation—could literally be Babylon

Why Babylon?

  • Where idolatry began
  • Where mankind turned away from God after the flood

Day 2: 18:1-10

Babylon’s Fall

Chapter 18-19:10 is broken into four parts: Babylon’s Judgment, Babylon’s Lament and Babylon’s Destruction/Finality, Heaven’s Rejoicing Over Babylon

We learn why Babylon is a central point of the end times in verses 1-8

Day 3: 18:11-24

In 9-20 we see how Babylon had bewitched the earth

In 21-24 we understand that this is the end of Babylon.

Day 4: 19:1-5

In 19:1-10, heaven rejoices over Babylon’s destruction.

Heaven doesn’t rejoice over any other destruction: not the antichrist, the beast or the false prophet. Not Satan or any other being is rejoiced over in their destruction. Babylon stands alone in this—and that is why it is central to Revelation. That is why it is so important to understand when it comes to this book. Babylon is the “why” behind Revelation.

Day 5: Recap

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