A Sword Will Pierce Your Soul…

Simeon was a unique prophet. He only shows up for a brief moment, but long enough to give us some incredible information. He again, like the shepherds, tell this young couple that their baby boy is, in fact, the Messiah.

Luke makes it very clear that the Holy Spirit was “on” Simeon. He walked with the Holy Spirit in a way that was at that time rare. There was coming a day, though, because of this very same Jesus, when the Holy Spirit would not be rare, but would be given to every believer. What an amazing day this must have been.

Right up until the moment when Simeon prophesied the untimely death of Jesus, a moment he prophesied that Mary would have to witness and bear. For Mary and Joseph, Jesus brought the greatest of joys and the worst of pain. But despite the pain, it was worth it, because through Jesus the Gentiles (that’s me) would come to know God just as the Jews could too.

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