worship space

I don’t often share this kind of thing, but as I was worshipping today I felt like there might be someone who could use the encouragement. For years I’ve had my own little worship space. It’s taken the form of everything from a home recording studio to what you see here now: a few square feet carved out of my closet.

I’ve never found anything that keeps my heart as soft and open to the Lord than having my own personal worship time. When I sit down and play and sing I’m able to connect with God and share my heart with Him and He with me in ways that I haven’t experienced any other way. You might think that I do this because I’m a musician, but I can assure you I’m not.

About 8 years ago I had a revelation that many of you might have had as well. I was reading the book of Revelation and it struck me that forever I was going to be worshipping the Lord with the host of heaven and earth. I already loved going to worship services, but I had no other outlet at that point except the shower for personal worship time.

I decided that if I was going to be worshipping God for all eternity, then it was definitely worth my time now, too. I picked up my wife’s guitar and I learned to play a four-chord song and I played it every day for months. Then I learned another. And another. Soon, I became a four-chord master. Then I ventured out into other four-chord progressions.

Very soon my song repertoire grew to well over 6 songs that I could play at home during my own personal worship time. After I’d sing some worship songs I’d use my four-chord skills to keep playing and sing scriptures back to God. That further energized my worship time.

Me And The Angels

I had another epiphany a year or so later. When I worshipped now, I wasn’t preparing for a heavenly worship concert to come; I was participating in it now. Me and the angels. Every time I sat down to play after that I imagined that it was my turn to lead the heavenly worship service now. For years when I sat down to play I’d whisper to God, “It’s my turn now.”

It took a very, very long time to get reasonably good on the guitar and piano. I’m actually still not very good now, but I know I’m good enough for me and the angels. To this day, there’s nothing that helps me connect to God on such an intimate level than my time leading the heavenly worship chorus. I feel His presence and I draw closer to Him.

I highly recommend carving out your own little space to begin worshipping the Lord with just you and the angels. Through the years I’ve done it more and sometimes less. I always feel my heart shrinking when I do it less and then I jump back in. It will take you time to learn to play if you can’t already, but every moment of struggle learning to play is worth it. Forever!

Find a quiet place in your home and have a friend teach you four guitar chords. Or piano chords. Or banjo, whatever helps you worship. Spend half an hour a day just singing to God and your heart will explode with the joy that comes from the presence of God. It will take time, but I guarantee you will never regret it.

My Rig

In case you’re interested, my personal worship rig shown here includes the following:

  • Ableton Live 8
  • M-Audio 88-key USB keyboard
  • Focusrite Sapphire USB audio interface
  • Rode NT1-A microphone
  • iPad 2 running OnSong for worship chords (in place of a binder full of music)

I highly recommend Ableton. I use a vocal processor that makes me feel like I’m in a concert hall. That may sound a little carnal, but trust me, having your voice sound good goes a long, long way toward removing your inhibitions in worship–even when you’re alone.

Drop a note and let me know if you have a worship space carved out. If you’d like to start one, leave a comment and let me know and if you have any questions on how to start out I’d be glad to help.

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