I was 22. I had dark hair then. I’m turning 40. I have gray hair now. The message the Lord gave me then burns in me brighter than ever today. 

Seventeen years ago, on September 9, 2001, I had a dream that I will never forget. 

The angel was guiding me through New York City. We were walking around lower Manhattan, and I was admiring all the buildings. For whatever reason, I was not intimidated that I was with an angel. I’m not even sure how I knew he was an angel, but it was clear from the beginning. I was happy and chatty, telling him everything I had studied about all the buildings. He was not happy. 

I never really clued in to the angel’s demeanor until after the events he showed me. It wasn’t until then that I wept. It wasn’t until I understood that I was shaken. 

As we walked around New York, in between the skyscrapers, I could see that my angel was gripped with something; something terrifying. He never spoke a word. It wasn’t that I couldn’t tell; for some reason it just didn’t matter to me. I was too excited. 

We walked on for what seemed a long time until we came to a clearing. He stopped, turned and looked with even greater intensity. By this point, I stopped talking because I was so intrigued by the pain on his face. I turned to look at what he was so intently gazing at.

His eyes were fixed on the World Trade Center’s “Twin Towers,” buildings One and Two. Our silence was broken when I blurted out how excited I was to be there and that I couldn’t wait to go up into the observation deck with him. I had never been into the observation deck there.

I would never get the chance.

After I finished telling my guide about the building, I realized he had grown more intense, so I stopped talking. Then he held up his hand, palm open, as if to point at the building. He wanted me to see what was about to happen.

As I looked back at the towers, they both descended straight down into the ground. As they collapsed, I thought it was funny that they didn’t fall over sideways like a tree. The whole event was more curious to me at the time than tragic. I just couldn’t feel it. 

As we stood there, thousands of people began to swarm past us, fleeing in terror. I still remember their faces. I had never seen anything like them before. It was only after seeing their eyes did their plight become real to me. I realized that the buildings had actually fallen down.

I woke up, but I didn’t know what the dream meant. I thought the Lord was trying to speak to me about something figurative, but I didn’t know what. But those faces stuck with me. I hoped to never see anything like that again.

Two days later, my hopes were dashed.

I watched on television the events of September 11th along with the rest of America. I was devastated beyond what words can express. The Lord had seen fit to show me two days in advance, a 22 year-old, one of the most important events in American history. 

My heart collapsed like the buildings we watched that day over and over again. Why? 

Why would God allow this? Why would God show me this? Why didn’t I understand the dream sooner? 

Eventually, those questions gave way to, “God, is there anything more you want to show me about this?” After several months, I understood that the Lord only wanted me to know what was coming, not for me do anything about it.

Eighteen months later, the Lord did show me more. It came in the form of another dream. This time, the Lord spoke with clarity. He spoke to me about America, and her future.

God showed me the building that would replace the towers, a decade before it would rise from the ground. In March of 2003, the Lord showed me exactly what stands in lower Manhattan today. I don’t mean I saw something like what is there now. I mean I was there at that building long before it was built. I have since stood in the exact place I saw in my dream. It is a real place now, but in 2003, the Lord knew it would be there  and let me walk there then.

The Lord tied the new building to the future of our nation; He wanted us to understand that what was coming was going to be worse than the events of 9/11, if we chose not to listen to Him. The events of the dream are too long to discuss here, but a strange thing happened after I woke up. 

My heart was broken for what America had become in the dream, and I startled awake to hear a voice clearly say, “That building will be a sign and seal of My judgment against America.”

When I heard that voice, I knew that God was serious, and that the completion of that tower I saw would signify His judgment being sure. The building was completed in 2015. 

I believe America is headed for harder times, but that does not leave us without hope. It may force us to reevaluate what our hope is currently in, but we are a people of the greatest hope in history, if we will choose it. 

I wrote a book about all of these events in much greater detail, and on the anniversary of God speaking so clearly with me, I want to share it for free with you. My book, The Year of the Lord’s Favor, will be free on Amazon Kindle for the next several days.

I want to encourage you to read it on this anniversary of 9/11, and share it with your friends and church. The coming days will prove difficult for those who have not heard or are not prepared, but I believe we are a people called and chosen by God to lead many to righteousness. 

I also want to invite you to join me in praying for America twice every day from 2 Chronicles 7:14. Head over to 714Prayer.org to find out more.


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